A Harder Introduction


Harder Concepts - HCTV

Harder Concepts has 5 locations and 1 Double Decker Party Bus and when you have that many locations to party harder there is no reason why the cameras shouldn't be on to capture all the fun! We are turning the cameras on at all special events and random nights out because we want to meet you! Tell us your favorite story from one of our locations or just come out to watch all the excitement on the TV's at each Harder Concept location!

Every month new videos will be featured and if you have an amazing idea or event that would be great to film, tell us on our Contact Page and you could win a gift card to one of our locations if your idea is chosen!

Who we are

  • Donna Elliot

    She is everyone’s Mom. But she really holds the fort down…

  • Jerry Dean Elliot

    Grew up in Carrollton TX College: Mississippi State Favorite hobby: Consuming…

  • Brian Harder

    Brian was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Carrollton.…