• The Final Four

    Ever wanted to go to Phoenix? Phoenix hosts the 2017 Final Four on Saturday night, which makes the Valley of the Sun sound like it’s a fun place to be. Luckily, watching the Final Four from the comfort of your favorite Harder Concepts location with your friends is a fun, beer-filled evening that doesn’t require you to fly anywhere. Saturday night’s games start at 5:09p with Gonzaga and South Carolina, followed by Oregon and North Carolina at 7:50p, and if you watch ’em at Saintsbury Tavern, you can enjoy a bucket of five domestic bottles for only $15. The winners will face each other on Monday night at 8p in the 2017 Championship game, so be sure to join us for college basketball, craft beers, great food, and lots of good times!

    Baseball Returns!

    Speaking of Monday, it’s also Opening Day for the Rangers! Their game against the Royals is at 2:05p and Yu Darvish is the starting pitcher! As you can tell by the exclamation points, we’re pretty excited about that! Also exciting: happy hour! If you come watch the game at your local Harder Concepts spot, you can enjoy both! We hope to see you there!

  • Spring Has Sprung

    If you’re looking for crisp beers to enjoy outdoors in this incredible spring weather, don’t forget about our two house brews, Sir Elliot’s Pale Ale and Harder1 Lager. Both beers are available at all five locations, and they taste even better enjoyed on your local Harder Concepts patio. Cheers to spring!

    March Madness Getting Crazy!

    Every year, March Madness sneaks up on us, and then it’s like a whirlwind of activity, and before you know it, the Final Four has already happened and our brackets are broken open like a screen door on a bullpen. But whether your bracket is still alive or as done as Christian Laetner’s NBA career, you can catch all the (remaining) March Madness action at your favorite Harder Concepts watering hole. The Sweet 16 round starts on Thursday with Michigan vs. Oregon and West Virginia taking on Gonzaga; Purdue and Kansas play at 9:30p and the Xavier/Arizona game is on at 10p. Of local interest: Baylor’s game against South Carolina is Friday at 7p, though you’ll also want to catch the Butler/UNC game at 7p. The Elite 8 games are on Saturday and Sunday; we’re hoping for a Baylor/Florida game and a Gonzaga/Xavier game because that matchup is just fun to say. No matter who makes it to the next round, join us for beers, snacks, and college basketball this weekend!

    Eternal Motion at Scruffy Duffies

    Get your weekly live music injection at Scruffy Duffies this Thursday night with the energetic stage presence of Eternal Motion – you’ll be so pumped up from their live jams you’ll want them to play forever! While playing for eternity might not actually be feasible, Eternal Motion can certainly rock out for a long time, as they are masters of a huge array of dance and pop hits from the past 40 years. Get your dance pants on and come to Scruffy Duffies ready to boogie!

  • St. Patrick’s Day Party Round Two

    Okay, okay… St. Patrick’s Day with Awesome Sauce does sound like a menu item, but it’s actually a party on Friday, March 17 at Saintsbury Tavern. If you hadn’t already guessed, the Harder Concepts family is a big fan St. Paddy’s Day, and we are glad to have had our big Block Party last weekend in Plano at the Shops at Legacy and then do another St. Paddy’s Day bash the following weekend. Besides Awesome Sauce’s faithful renditions of ’80s hard rock hits, Friday night’s St. Paddy’s Day Party at Saintsbury Tavern features a nice little drink special: $3 green Miller Lites.

    Saintsbury Tavern also has another beer promo that starts on Friday: $15 buckets of five Miller Lite or Coors Light bottles for the entirety of March Madness. May your bracket remain unbusted, but even some weird team from a school you’ve never heard of upsets Kansas or something, at least you can count on cheap beers for a few weeks!

    Speaking of March Madness, Scruffy Duffies and Saintsbury Tavern will open at 11a this Thursday and Friday for the first round of the NCAA tournament. If you’re a Baylor fan in North Texas, come by for lunch and watch your Bears take on New Mexico State at 11:40a.

    Emerald City at Scruffy Duffies

    Another thing happening at Scruffy Duffies on Friday: legendary cover band Emerald City. Emerald City is probably the premier cover band in Dallas, and they’ve been doing it for a really long time. Come shake your booty to the greatest pop songs from the past 40 years; whether you like to get down to Kool & the Gang or House of Pain, Emerald City is ready to rock ya, so come party at Scruffy Duffies with us Friday night!

  • St. Patrick’s Block Party Bonanza!

    Get your green threads fresh and clean because we’re throwing our 8th annual St. Paddy’s Block Party at the Shops at Legacy this weekend and you’re gonna wanna get in the Irish spirit! Like the past seven years, Scruffy Duffies and Ringo’s Pub are blocking off their parking lots and co-hosting a huge bash on Saturday, March 11th, headlined by none other than the legendary Kid ’N Play!

    That’s right, friends! We’re “gittin’ funky” with the stars of House Party Saturday night! And before you get rollin’ with Kid ’N Play, we have a ton of other awesome entertainment; throughout the day, we’ll have performances from DJ EE, Friday Night Fights, Mullet Boyz, LAZËR, and Le Freak – so be prepared to get your groove on to your favorite hits from the ’70s  to today, as these bands cover everything from hip hop, pop, rock, and disco.

    Of course, you can’t have a St. Paddy’s Block Party without the appropriate beverages, and we have a lot of green beer – we went through a record-setting number of kegs last year, and in 2017, we’re trying to beat our score, so be sure to help us out by downing a pint or four. The fun starts at 1p on Saturday, so practice ordering a Jameson in your best Irish accent today and join us this weekend at North Dallas’ premier St. Patrick’s Block Party!

    Friday Party Preview

    Get a warm up for the Saturday’s St. Paddy’s Block Party on Friday afternoon when 1310 The Ticket’s Hardline will be doing a live remote broadcast from Scruffy Duffies – come say hey to Mike and Corby, and as an added bonus, you can also enjoy $2 Guinness Blonde drafts as Scruffy Duffies, as well as $2 Guinness Stouts at Ringo’s Pub if you want to pop in over there. See ya Friday for happy hour and at Saturday’s huge party!

  • Texas Independence Day

    Thursday, March 2 is the 181st anniversary of our great state declaring its independence from Mexico. Whether you’re a history buff or just like reasons to drink beer, celebrate this historic moment in Texas’ and America’s history with a locally brewed beer – each Harder Concepts location has tons of them on draft and in bottle and can, including our own house-branded, Noble Rey-brewed Sir Eliot’s Pale Ale, and Harder 1 lager. Tip your hat to the patriots who made it possible for you to sit on a barstool in North Texas and enjoy a cold, foamy, locally produced craft beer!

    Thursday Night Live at Scruffy’s

    All the way from NYC, singer-songwriter Maddy Jarmon will stir your soul with her heartfelt songs on Thursday night, so drop by for happy hour and hang out for some live music – because she's opening for Time Machine LIVE!

    Who’s Hungry For Tacos?

    You’re hungry for tacos, right? Maybe not right this second, but probably soon. If your taco craving happens on a Thursday, the Mucky Duck in Addison is where you want to be. In addition to a free taco bar from 6-8p (with drink purchase), the Duck offers select drafts for only $3 all night! Grab some tacos and some cheap beers after work on Thursday!

  • Mardi Gras? Party Gras!

    Whether you’re celebrating Fat Tuesday because you’re about to give up something for Lent or just because you like to drink beer and have a good time, let your good times roll over to Scruffy Duffies and/or Saintsbury Tavern, because we’re throwing Mardi Gras parties at both locations. Besides beads and a live band, both Harder Concepts spots are boilin’ up a bunch of crawfish, and each bash has its own Fat Tuesday drink specials, so be sure to ask your server about them! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    St. Patrick’s Day is Coming Up!

    Just a little heads up: we’ve been planning our St. Patrick’s Day block party since September. We plan on going bigger than ever before, in other words. Count on us blocking off the Shops at Legacy, putting up some tents and a stage, and getting Le Freak and Kid 'N Play to rock the block with live renditions of your favorite songs. Above all, we’re gonna try to beat our green beer sales from last year, so prepare yourself. Ringo’s Pub and Scruffy Duffies’ joint 8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party is Saturday, March 11th. You have two weeks to acquire the appropriate St. Patrick’s Day attire!

  • Coming Soon: The Brixton!

    If you know anything about Harder Concepts founders Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot, it’s that they love live music at least as much as they love good beer. This spring, they’ll be channeling their fervor for both in their latest project at the Shops at Legacy, a massive nightclub called the Brixton! The brothers have partnered with Rock Star Chef Patrick Stark in a concept that blends the chef-driven bites and craft beer of your favorite Harder locations with the apportionments of a major music venue – think upscale small bite plates with locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, indoor and outdoor viewing areas, and a 25-foot stage, all wrapped up in ’70s British punk décor. Stay tuned, because your favorite local acts are gonna be rockin’ the house – and projected on the 15-by-9-foot LED screen, the biggest club TV in all of Dallas.

    Saintsbury Tavern’s New Menu

    Chef Stark has been busily whipping up some new eats for Saintsbury Tavern; we’re excited because the new menu has a “Fit Foodies” section where you’ll find stuff like quinoa protein bowls, a new healthy wrap (called the Body Wrap), an awesome caprese salad, and a plate called the Spiralizer, made with delicious squash spiral noodles. But if you’re down to save the healthy stuff for someone else, you’ll love items like our B-Mac & Cheese Burger (bacon, mac ’n cheese, 8oz beef patty, American cheese, brioche bun), or the Big Montana pizza, topped with shaved roast beef, queso, caramelized onions, French fries, and our signature Saintsbury red sauce. Pop in and ask your server what’s new!

  • National Pizza Day

    On Thursday, the nation celebrates everyone’s favorite type of pie, the pizza! As we all know, pizza is an amazing culinary invention, good for lunch, dinner, breakfast; it’s universally enjoyed by people all over the world, possibly because it’s tasty whether it’s hot, cold, or even a little burned. Pizza is also a malleable dish, meaning you can make it in zillion different ways, but it will always be recognizable as some kind of pizza.

    Are you hungry for pizza yet? What if we told you that someone hanging out at Scruffy Duffies or Saintsbury Tavern might be ordering a pizza to go with their favorite craft brew? Maybe they’re sitting there anxiously awaiting that first bite of pepperoni, bacon, and sriracha bbq sauce. Maybe they ordered that pizza with entirely different toppings. No matter what, that customer waiting on a pizza at Scruffy Duffies or Saintsbury Tavern is about to be very, very happy. Now, do you want some pizza? Come see us!

    Valentine’s Day

    Some people might think of us as Valentine’s Day destinations, but you know what? They’re great for single people, and couples who like good times over fancy tablecloths! If you’re flying solo on the Romantic Greeting Card holiday, come hang at a Harder Concepts location! Treat yourself to a nice dinner (Ringo’s pub has a new filet that’s a tasty steak at a great price), or buy a drink for another single person going out on V-Day by themselves! Harder Concepts might keep it casual, but our locations are fun spots no matter what your romantic situation is. Who needs chocolate and roses when there are craft beers and cocktails?

  • Super Bowl Party Weekend!

    Super Bowl Sunday is just days away, but we’re starting the party early! On Friday night, slide-slide-slippity-slide over to Scruffy Duffies in Plano, because the one-and-only Coolio is kicking off our party weekend! How rad is that? Come along on a fantastic voyage of pre-game, Friday night fun with a hip-hop legend!

    Then join us on Sunday for the game day bashes at each Harder Concepts location; besides the usual Super Bowl excitement, each Harder Concept bar will have beer and shot specials running all day long – the Mucky Duck’s party features $3 drafts (excluding rotators), $3 wells, as well as $3 Tuaca, Rumple, and Fireball – so be sure to ask your server about each bar’s game day deals. No matter who wins, we’re ready to party with y’all. Kickoff’s at 5:30p, so get here in time to get a seat!

    Big Daddy Band Live!

    What are you doing next Thursday? Because Big Daddy is gonna rock all your favorite hits from Michael Jackson, to Kid Rock, to Trey Songz, and every Carly Rae Jesperson song in between! Join us at Scruffy Duffies and get ready to shake it “In Da Club” with the Big Daddy Band!

  • Eating, Drinking, and Partying Harder

    One of writer Oscar Wilde’s most famous quotes about enjoying life is “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” We think you can achieve that goal by actually going Harder. Not like two shots at a time after you’ve had four already, but by coming to a Harder Concepts location, getting something off our chef-driven menus (the sriracha bbq nachos at Scruffy Duffies are a must-try), and pairing it with a craft beer, you can have a mellow time enjoying a moderate amount of food and drink, but you’ll still be “partying Harder,” than you would anywhere else. For upscale takes on comfort food favorites and a brew selection curated by real beer nerds, drop by your local Harder Concepts hangout spot. We’ll be happy to help with your personal growth by putting something delicious in your belly!

    NFL Pro Bowl

    The Pro Bowl is on Sunday at 7p, and we’d love to have you over for beers. After all, it’s a fun game to watch with your friends, and it’s interesting to see which players appear to have partied kinda hard the night before, as well as see your favorite players who won’t appear in the Super Bowl play when the season’s pressure no longer applies. It’s also football, and after the Super Bowl, there will be no more games until August, so you might as well cram one more into your mental replay bank, right? Grab an appetizer sampler, some shots, and some local craft drafts and hang out with us for the most casual game of the
    NFL season.

  • NFL Playoffs

    We sure wish we were writing this about the Cowboys playing for the conference title. Oh well. It is what it is, but even with them out of the playoffs, the playoffs are still awesome – it’s pretty much the best football of the season. One question for you: who are you going for now? The Packers and Falcons play at 2:05p on Sunday, and the Steelers and Pats are on at 5:40p. Ugh, that’s a tough call, picking one of those teams. At least the Eagles aren’t in it! Anyway, we’re open at noon at most Harder Concepts locations for your playoff viewing pleasure (Ringo's Pub at 3p!) Come see us for beer and football, and if you go to Scruffy Duffies take a gander at the new menu – if you’re as undecided about gameday grub as you are about who to root for in a post-Cowboys post-season, go with the sampler!

    Live Band Karaoke at Scruffy Duffies!

    Maybe you’ve mastered the mic with a backing track at a dive bar, but coming soon to Scruffy Duffies you can be a rock star – Time Machine will be here to be your backing band! They’re ready to rock with a HUGE song list (it’s literally over 300 songs) with all of your favorite top jams from the realms of disco, pop, funk, rock, soul, and even some country hits, all from the past four decades. And if you want to memorialize your performance, Time Machine can even do a live recording of you entertaining your friends. Whether your pipes are star-quality or a little rusty, come by Scruffy Duffies and rock out soon!


    You probably know this already, but the Cowboys take on the Packers on Sunday at 3:40p. All we'll say about that: GO COWBOYS! But also, don't you wanna see if the Texans can roll the Patriots? That would really deflate Tom Brady's balls!  That game is on Saturday at 7:15p after the Battle of the Birds (the Seahawks take on Atlanta in the NFC divisional round) at 3:35p. The Steelers and the Chiefs play on Sunday at noon.

    Needless to say, we'd love to have you over for any of these games, and especially the Cowboys game. This could be our season, and you don't want to miss out on the journey & the 'Boys are on fire right now, so get your crew together and join us at your nearest Harder Concepts location. Besides a wide array of craft beers on tap and in the cooler (including our two house brews, Harder1 Lager and Sir Elliot's Pale), each one offers a unique menu of pub grub and bar 'n grill favorites, all whipped up by the culinary imagination of Rock Star Chef Patrick Stark! Come over early for a burger and some beers before kickoff!

    Live 5 Band on Thursday Night! 

    We're kicking off NFL Playoff Weekend at the Shops on Thursday night with some rockin' tunes courtesy Live 5 Band & if you've never seen Live 5, get ready to party! From Bon Jovi to Blink 182, Luke Bryan to Run DMC, Live 5 basically make your favorite radio hits happen live. Come by Scruffy Duffies, take some shots, and rock out during a great night of live music! 

  • FCS Championship Game this Saturday!

    The annual FCS Championship game in Frisco is on Saturday, and while we will miss seeing all those North Dakota State Bison fans who come down to party with us every year & sorry the BisoNation's streak ended, y'all! & we are excited to meet all you James Madison University people in town to watch your boys battle it out. Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies are the official JMU fan headquarters for the weekend, and we'll be throwing y'all a pretty great party.

    Besides special chef-created championship menus created for you JMU fans (yes, non-fans can enjoy these munchies, too), we're kicking off the weekend with our favorite hard rockin', hair metalin' party band, Awesome Sauce on the main stage at Scruffy Duffies, with a live DJ performance after, and a DJ all night at Ringo's Pub. The $5 cover gets you into the party at both bars, so come on down and get nice & be sure to rock your purple and gold, Dukes fans! Good luck with the game on Saturday! Win or lose, come have beers with us!

    NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship 

    Though 'Bama and Clemson essentially traded places & last year the Crimson Tide were 13-1 and the Tigers were 14-0, and this year their respective records are reversed & the 2017 championship game is a rematch; if you watched last year's championship, you'll recall that it was an intense nail-biter, full of fourth quarter drama ending in Alabama edging out Clemson 45-40. Great game, in other words, and you can bet that Clemson is ready for revenge. Can the Tigers hold back the Tide? Join us on Monday to find out! Kick off is at 7p, but come early and grab a seat and a beer at of our five Harder Concept locations!

  • Smell Ya Later, 2016!

    Whether you thought 2016 was terrible or thought it was actually pretty decent overall, it ends on Saturday night, and we'll be throwing NYE parties at all five Harder Concepts locations to ring in 2017. Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies will be doing a dual party again & one cover gets you into both bars & with a DJ and free champagne toast at midnight. Get your groove on 'til the countdown with the DJ at the Mucky Duck; your cover includes drink tickets, so that's pretty sweet! Or you could hit up Addison Ice House's no-cover NYE dance party (also with a DJ and champagne toast). Saintsbury Tavern will also be throwin' down for 2017, so if you're up in the Colony, be sure to drop by before the ball drops!

    There's Sauce, And Then There's Awesome Sauce!

    Relive the glory days on Thursday night at Scruffy Duffies, when your friendly neighborhood rockers get together to form Awesome Sauce and blast you with your favorite hits from the past. The '80s rock 'n roll party is free and starts at 9p!

    Rousey's Back 

    One more thing: Friday night is UFC 207 featuring Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes, and Saintsbury Tavern is showing it & and there's no cover. The warm-up bouts start at 7p. Don't miss these tough-as-nails women battle it out!

  • Happy Harder Holidays!

    Here at Harder Concepts, our favorite holidays usually involve us setting up a big ol' block party and throwing a huge bash & if you've been to Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies for St. Patrick's Day, you know what we mean. But Christmas is different. We're a family-owned company, so getting together with our loved ones is the most important part of the end-of-year holiday festivities. It's always nice to spend time catching up, experiencing the joy found in watching your siblings open gag gifts, eating snacks and desserts with your parents, and falling asleep on the couch. No matter what, it's the togetherness that matters most. From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday with the people you love.

    Holiday Hours 

    Since all you last-minute shoppers probably need a beer (or a hot cider!) at the end of your frantic Christmas Eve gift quests, most Harder Concepts locations will have regular hours on December 24th (Saintsbury Tavern will close early at 6p.) And with the exception of Ringo's Pub and Saintsbury Tavern, they'll be closed for Christmas Day; Ringo's Pub will open at 8p and Saintsbury Tavern will open at 6p on the 25th. Also, Santa appreciates the beer you were planning on leaving for him, but he still has to drive the darn sleigh, so go ahead and treat yourself. He said to tell y'all that cookies go good with milk, but they also go good with milk stouts!

  • Tonight’s TX Whiskey Dinner!

    We have a few spots left for tonight's TX Whiskey Dinner, a three-course culinary rock concert featuring Firestone and Robertson blended whisky recipes, specialty TX whiskey cocktails, and performances by the Rock Star Chef Patrick Stark himself and singer Leslie Austin & grab 'em right here, and stay tuned to Ringo's social media for pics from Chef Stark's menu and between-course, musical repartee!

    Jets Fan Club Toy Drive

    Hey Jets fans, your boys from the Meadowlands are playing at 7:30p on Saturday, and along with game day Jets giveaways, your local DFW Jets Fan Club is finishing up their Christmas toy drive that night, too! You get one free raffle ticket per each donated, unwrapped toy, and there's lots of free food, too, not to mention the game against the Dolphins. Whether or not the Jets catch the fish, this party is not to be missed & help out some kids in need while celebrating your North Texas NY Jets family togetherness!

    It's Bowl Time! 

    The college football bowl games start on Saturday & if you want our pick for a good game to watch, get to your local Harder Concepts for all the games & and continue through January 9 when the best of the semi-finalists take each other on in the College Football Championship game. Scruffy Duffies in the Shops at Legacy is hosting the UTSA Alumni Watch Party for the New Mexico Bowl at 1p, Go Runners! If you want to book a party for one of the many college football games, contact us pronto!

  • Ringo’s Three-Course Whiskey Dinner Featuring Rock Star Chef Patrick Stark and Singer Leslie Austin!

    On Wednesday, December 14, Ringo's Pub and Firestone & Robertson Distilling are bringing you an incredible three-course meal made with F&R's celebrated blended whiskeys, plus a special whiskey cocktail with each course, all under the direction of our kitchen rock star, Celebrity Chef Patrick Stark. He'll be putting his creative talents to good use both in and out of the kitchen, as he and singer Leslie Austin will be performing songs during each course. Whether you're a foodie, a music lover, or looking for a fun date night, this is gonna be fun night! You can get your tickets online right here, but don't wait, because our tables are filling up fast!

    Speaking of Live Music Lovers€¦

    This Thursday (12/8), Scruffy Duffies has another rockin' tribute band in the house & Identity Theft is setting up to bring you your favorite jams live and loud. No cover, just lots of people having a blast, throwing up their rock hands and singing along!

    Oh Yeah, And Also€¦

    Don't forget to hit us up about your holiday party & we'd love to be the host for your white elephant gift trading! Go to this link if you'd like to book your holiday event!

  • Celebrity Chef and Restaurant Consultant Patrick Stark Taking Over Harder Kitchens

    The colorful TV personality is adding his personal touch to Harder Concepts' craft beer-centric hangout spot in Plano.

    Plano, TX & After revamping the menu at Ringo's Pub, Chef Patrick Stark has moved into the kitchen at Ringo's sister bar, Scruffy Duffies, with plans to update the Plano sports bar's upscale comfort food and bar snacks. Known for culinary creations and menus that are both unique and entertaining, the tattooed, mohawked Stark has appeared on numerous food-related TV programs, including ABC's The Taste, and Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen, Rewrapped, and Mystery Diner. In addition to his panache and passion in the kitchen, Chef Stark is also the founder of the Mohawk Militia, a charitable organization that spreads consumer awareness about the dangers of GMOs.

    €œChef Patrick Stark is an incredibly creative personality, and we are more than excited to have him onboard to shake up Scruffy Duffies' menu,€ said Harder Concepts co-founder Brian Harder. €œHe has a ton of energy, and almost everything he does involves the kitchen. Even his music project involves cooking and dining!€

    The music project to which Brian Harder refers is Chef Stark's latest endeavor, a multi-faceted entertainment experience called Amusé. Named for the French culinary term amuse bouche (the bite-sized, complimentary appetizers chefs surprise lucky diners with) and billed as €œthe original music and dining experience,€ Amusé features a live band playing original music during and in between courses, which are prepared by different local chefs & all while a live painter creates a unique, event-specific masterpiece. The best part? A portion of the proceeds benefit the Mohawk Militia's charitable goals.

    In fact, you can sample the new menu at Ringo's Pub and get a sneak peek of Amusé Wednesday, December 14th at their Three Course TX Whiskey Dinner. Our new Rock Star Check will pair an amazing whiskey cocktail with each course. Plus, Chef Patrick will entertain your ears while you dine as he and Amusé's lead singer play some songs with each course! 

    €œWhether he's whipping up something delicious or rockin' to get the word out about dangerous chemicals in your food, Chef Stark strives to make a lasting impression, and we are excited to share his new menu with our customers,€ said Harder. 

  • Giving Back

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and of the many things we have to be thankful for, we are grateful to be in a position to help worthy causes. This month, we've been running a special in support of Movember, the annual mustache-growing charity drive to support the biggest issues in men's health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. What we've been doing at each Harder Concepts location is offering a specialty drink in a partnership with Jameson Black Barrel; it's called a Stache Stallion, made with Jameson Black Barrel and ginger. While the Stache Stallion is itself a tasty cocktail, $1 from each one goes to help the Movember campaign. Helping a good cause tastes great! For more information about our Movember action or to donate to the campaign, click here.

    We're also giving back at the Mucky Duck, with Sam Adams' Passing it Forward for Veterans, a charitable promotion that lets vets know how grateful you are for their service & basically, if you buy a Sam Adams Boston Lager draft, we'll pass a complimentary Boston Lager to a veteran on your behalf. Buy a vet a beer and let him or her know you're appreciative of what they have sacrificed for our freedoms. Both Movember and Passing it Forward for Veterans run through November 30th.

    Turkey Day Hours          

    In case you missed it, here are the Thanksgiving holiday hours for all five Harder Concepts locations: Scruffy Duffies, Addison Ice House, and Saintsbury Tavern will be closed for Thanksgiving, but Ringo's Pub and the Mucky Duck will be open at 7p, and all five locations will open on Black Friday at 5p. We hope y'all have a great holiday! 

  • Thanksgiving!

    It's almost turkey time, and every year, we are reminded how lucky we are to have a great group of regular customers who have made it possible for us to keep growing our brand and bringing North Dallas quality, casual places to drink, eat, and hang out with friends and family. And party Harder! 

    Anyway, every year, we like to host a Thanksgiving potluck at each Harder Concepts location for the Service Industry and our longtime regulars (but feel free to get a plate if you're stopping by for the first time, new friend!) during the week of Thanksgiving. We'll smoke some turkeys, and y'all sign up for the sides. Ringo's Pub will host their's after the Lights at Legacy at he Shops at Legacy. Addison Ice House's will be on Monday, Mucky Duck's is on Tuesday, Saintsbury Tavern has theirs on Wednesday, and Scruffy Duffies' will conclude our turkey day festivities on Wednesday & with a pre-Thanksgiving party featuring a live DJ! 

    As for actual Thanksgiving Day hours, Scruffy Duffies, Addison Ice House, Saintsbury Tavern will be closed, but the other two Harder Concepts spots (The Mucky Duck  and Ringo's Pub) will be open at 7p, which seems to be around the hour you're itchin' to ditch the family for some beers & assuming you haven't conked out in a chair. All five locations will open on Black Friday at 5p. We know how y'all like to grab a beer after your holiday shopping adventures! 

    One More Thing & Live Music! 

    Don't forget to get down with Empire 6 at Scruffy Duffies on Thursday & Dallas premier pop cover band are performing your favorite hits from the past 30 years, including stuff that's new today! Their first set starts at 9p, so come hang out with us Thursday night!

  • North Texas Beer Week!

    North Texas Beer Week starts on Friday, November 11, and as you might imagine, we are super excited. If there's one thing we love about as much as rock and roll and football, it's beer. Besides being one of the oldest and greatest achievements of civilization, craft beer has been an integral part of Harder Concepts from day one. To celebrate North Texas' craft beer scene, we're rolling out a bunch of new local brews. Ringo's Pub has Meridian Hive Rhapsody, Crackberry Punch, and 903 Sasquatch, as well as Noble Rey's Barampus, plus Harder Concepts founders' beers Sir Elliot's Pale and Hard 1 Lager & those last two are available at each Harder Concepts location, and during NTX Beer week, they're only $3 a pint! Scruffy Duffies is showcasing Coop DNR and 3 Nations Texas Gold in addition to Cobra Betty Whyte & with an ABV of 8%, Betty Whyte's a strong old gal, so maybe you should try that beer first!


    Well, now that we had one nail biting mystery answered on Tuesday, it's time to address the other major news cliffhanger: will Romo play? The Cowboys play Pittsburgh on Sunday at 3:30p, and the way it sounds, it might end up being a game time decision. But whether it's Romo or Dak throwing the ball, the Cowboys seem to have some serious mojo. Come by and watch the game with us this Sunday & we'll send them positive thoughts and good wishes together over some beers.

    More Football! 

    And by the way, if you root for the Browns, watch your boys at Scruffy Duffies with your fellow Cleveland fans & they're playing tonight (Thursday) at 7p, so we hope to see y'all later!

  • November Music Lineup at Scruffy Duffies!

    We're super stoked to continue with our Thursday Night Live Music series at Scruffy Duffies this month! Ain't nothin' like a live band to get the party going, and we've booked some doozies. This Thursday (November 3), Fury will be in the house & if you've ever seen the outstanding 10-piece band Good Question, Fury is a five-piece band featuring members of Good Question, and they will blow you away with their renditions of your favorite classic rock and pop tunes. Next Thursday (November 10), get real about your rock and roll addiction with the Rockaholics & veteran DFW musicians who put the rock back in the cover band scene. Finally, Thursday, November 17 features pop masters Empire 6. Empire 6 get down with all the great party music hits of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, but they also totally nail all the newest hits popping up on your radio. Join us at Scruffy Duffies on Thursdays in November (except Thanksgiving, because we'll be closed) and party down with these awesome live acts! 


    As we say goodbye to baseball until the spring, let's not forget that football is in full swing and that the Cowboys are MEGA hot right now! €œI'm cautiously optimistic€ is a common phrase heard around our bars, but no matter where you fall on the optimism scale, you don't want to miss Sunday's game against the Browns. Set your alarms early, because the game kicks off at noon. Good thing we have awesome brunch menus! 

    Tuesday, November 8. 

    Finally, the day we all can't wait to be done with is here this Tuesday. The election will finally be over, and we can all get on with our lives. If you could use a drink to celebrate, excoriate, or commemorate the end of the wackiest, the
    weirdest electoral contest of the 21st century, drop by your favorite Harder Concepts location. Here's to making the best of whatever comes next!

  • Happy Halloween!

    You get that Halloween costume finished yet? We hope your get-ups are up to competitive speed by the weekend, because on Saturday night, we are tossing some serious prize money to the best, funniest, and sexiest costumes at all five Harder Concepts Bars & the biggest bash is the Halloween Costume Party team-up between Scruffy Duffies and Ringo's Pub (located in Plano's Shops at Legacy), where they're giving away a combined total of $3,000 total to the winners. Don't be scared to strut your stuff in Addison or The Colony, because the Mucky Duck, Addison Ice House, and Saintsbury Tavern all have parties with spooky-good cash prizes, too & and Saintsbury Tavern has local hip-hop cover band Hip Hop Hooray at their party, so you'll get to hear your favorite classic party jams in person! We can't wait to see what y'all are dressed as this year!

    Oh, and one more thing: Book your Lyfts and Ubers early, because nothing is scarier on Halloween than a trip to jail!

    Speaking of Hip Hop Hooray€¦

    €¦Hip Hop Hooray is bringing their live performance hip-hop party to Scruffy Duffies this Thursday night (10/27). Put your hands in the air and wave 'em like there's a rescue helicopter in the air! Yes, we can make a gin and juice.

    The World Series is in Full Swing 

    As if 2016 couldn't get any more memorable, the Cubbies are finally back in the Series & is there anyone still living who saw their last World Series appearance? For baseball fans, this is a spectacular event & and if you're feeling that baseball magic, head to your favorite Harder Concepts location to catch the games. Game 3 is on Friday, October 28, starting at 6:08p & come over for happy hour and stay for the World Series!

  • Vegas Stars at Scruffy Duffies this Thursday!

    Everyone's favorite I-talian bros are bringing the party to Scruffy Duffies on Thursday, October 20 & the Vegas Stars' guido-schtick is as hilarious as their party jams are smooth, or slammin', or whatever they say in New Jersey about your favorite dance, rap, and rock hits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. In fact, while you're waiting for the boyz to bring the bada bing, get in the spirit with a pizza, Italian Beef Sandwich, or a Philly Cheesesteak. If you haven't been to a show yet, check out the Vegas Stars performing live and join the party Thursday night!

    One More Week of National Pizza Month

    The last free pizza happy hour is this coming Wednesday, 10/26. Come by Scruffy Duffies and get some free slices (5-7p!)

    Halloween Is Almost Here! 

    Got your costume ready yet? You have a little under a week and a half. Make it a good one, because our annual Halloween parties are known for their scary-good costume prizes. Stay tuned for more details next week!

  • Free Pizza Wednesdays at Scruffy Duffies

    While we're sad that this October won't include World Series glory for the Rangers, we are still stoked that it's National Pizza month. We're celebrating with free pizza at Scruffy Duffies every Wednesday in October from 5-7p, so drop by for happy hour and enjoy a free slice of pie to go with your post-work libations!

    Bang Your Head on Thursday Nights at Scruffy Duffies

    Metal Shop is jumping on stage at Scruffy Duffies on Thursday night, bringing you the hottest hard rock jams from the era of Aquanet and spandex pants. Relive the glory days that Brett Michaels dreams about, with the live versions of your favorite hits by Poison, Ratt, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, and more & bonus points if you roll up in an IROC, but no matter what your ride is, get ready to rock out with a cocktail or your favorite craft beer while Metal Shop brings the noise! See you Thursday night!

    The Jets on Monday Night Football 

    Hey Mid-Atlantic expats living in North Dallas & if you're missing the Meadowlands, or you just wish you could hang out with some of your fellow New York Jets fans, you're in luck: Addison Ice House is the official spot for you to watch your favorite team. You probably already know Ryan Fitzpatrick and the rest of your boys are playing the Cardinals on Monday night, so why don't you swing by Addison Ice House and watch it with like-minded fans? Get your green on and join us for the Jets game this coming Monday & kickoff is at 7:30p!

  • Rock out at Scruffy Duffies Thursday Night

    Good news, fans of rock! The Mullet Boyz will be taking you back to the hard rockin' '80s at Scruffy Duffie's on Thursday night & if you like AC/DC, Def Leppard, the Scorpions, and all the other stuff that sounds best blasting out of a Camaro in a high school parking lot, don't miss this band! They throw in a lot of current hits, too! The Mullet Boyz kick out the jams after Thursday Night Football & come watch the Cardinals and 49ers before you rock out!

    October is National Pizza Month

    Besides Halloween and the World Series (and the first week of the NBA season!), October is also National Pizza Month! To whoever decides what days these holidays fall upon, we raise a slice to you & especially on each Wednesday in October, when Scruffy Duffies offers free pizza by the slice from 5-7p. Wrap up your October hump days with free pizza during happy hour!

    TX/OU Weekend€¦ 

    €¦is this coming weekend! Join us on Saturday for one of college football's greatest rivalries, a time-honored tradition of historic gridiron battles and notorious college football heroes. The next best thing to being at the Cotton Bowl is watching Texas play the Sooners at a bar with your friends. Kickoff is at 11a on Saturday. See y'all then!

  • It’s National Drink Beer Day!

    Today (Wednesday 9/28, if you are reading this in the future) is National Drink Beer Day! Don't miss this tremendous celebration of one of the civilization's oldest and greatest achievements & swing by your local Harder Concepts location (Scruffy Duffies and Ringo's Pub in Plano, the Mucky Duck and Addison Ice House in Addison, Saintsbury Tavern in the Colony) and grab your favorite brew. Or find your new favorite, because we have a huge selection, and a lot of our beers are made in Texas. In fact, if you want to go really local, you could get a pint of one of our new house beers, the refreshingly hoppy and flavorful Sir Elliot's Pale Ale or Harder 1, a craft session lager perfect for pretty much any occasion. Or have one of each! Both beers are brewed in Dallas at Noble Rey Brewing with input from Harder Concepts founders and brothers Jerry Elliot and Brian Harder, and they're on tap at each of our locations. Cheers! See y'all tonight!

    Tuesday is for Tacos

    Speakin' of national days, Tuesday, October, 4 is National Taco Day. Activities you can do to celebrate National Taco Day include learning about tacos: what are they, and where did they come from? Who invented the taco? Are there foods similar to tacos? Is there a sports team with a taco on their uniforms? So many delicious-sounding mysteries!

    You can also celebrate National Taco Day by eating tacos! While the answers to the questions above are yours to seek, each Harder Concepts location can provide you with tacos for your National Taco Day celebration & and better yet, for that day only, a taco is available for only $1! Dollar tacos on National Tuesday at your local Harder bar? Sí, por favor. See y'all October 4!

    Thursday Night Live at Scruffy Duffies 

    Scruffy Duffies is taking you back to the 80's in the month of October with performances by your favorite rockin' tribute bands every Thursday, starting with hair metal fanatics the Mullet Boyz on Thursday, October 6. Throw your rock hands in the air and wave 'em like you just put on spandex and a Def Leppard t-shirt and sprayed Aquanet in your hair!

  • Come On Feel the Noise! More Live Music at Saintsbury Tavern!

    Imagine being 21 years old in 1982€¦ living in Los Angeles, driving an IROC, listening to KROQ, cruising up and down the Sunset Strip, the wind rattling through the Aquanet in your hair€¦ If you can imagine the songs coming out of your tape deck, chances are Red Leather knows 'em, and Dallas' premier hard-rockin' party band is gonna be at Saintsbury Tavern on Friday night to take you back to the age of when the €œumlaut€ meant more than a confusing way to pronounce vowels. Blasting the hits of Ratt, AC/DC, Van Halen and more, they're like a time machine that only goes to the awesomest of decades.

    Save some room in your ears for Saturday night's show, though, because Awesome Sauce is back at Saintsbury Tavern to rock even more of your favorite '80s rock hits! €œJourney€ to the Colony to see where €œEvery Rose Has Its Thorn€ and think of other puns to make out of '80s song titles.

    Down€¦ Set€¦ 

    Hike on over to your favorite Harder Concept Location on Saturday and Sunday to catch college football and the NFL & each one will have the games and their menus are designed with maximum game-time enjoyment in mind. A lot of great bar snacks, in other words, plus huge selections of beers, including our very own Sir Elliott Pale Ale and Harder1 Lager & if you like session beers, Harder1 is right up your alley. Saturday's games kick off at 11a with Florida State at South Florida and Georgia at Ole Miss, plus a ton more throughout the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, the Cowboys and Bears kick off at 7:30p; if you're a Jets fan, catch your boys 3:30p at Addison Ice House, the official Jets bar of North Texas! 

  • Half Way to Our Eight St. Patrick’s Day Block Party



    We plan to make our annual St. Patrick's Day block party at the Shops at Legacy the biggest one yet!

    For the past eight years, Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies, both of which are Harder Concepts' Plano locations, have teamed up to bring St. Patrick's Day revelers increasingly bigger St. Patrick's Day parties. For 2017's St. Patrick's Day celebration, Harder Concepts plans on going bigger than ever.

    €œOur St. Patrick's Day parties are always our biggest events of the year,€ said Harder Concepts co-founder Brian Harder. €œAnd this year, we want to throw a party that's bigger and better than anything we've done before, so we're starting to plan now.€ After all Saturday, September 17, is the half way to St. Patrick's Day!

    At present, the two bars will be closing off their parking lots, erecting tents and a stage, and hosting two of North Texas most popular cover bands, Awesome Sauce and Emerald City. €œEvery year, we get more and more people at our block party & it always turns into this huge event. This year, we want to be the St. Patrick's Day party to go to if you live or hang out in North Dallas. That's why we're getting an early start on planning. We want to give our customers the best experience, and we hope people keep it on their €˜must-do' radar for the spring. We're also trying to beat our green beer sales from last year because that's just a fun challenge,€ Harder said. 

    Ringo's and Scruffy Duffies' joint St. Patrick's Day Block Party will kick off on Friday, March 17. Stay tuned for more live music announcements and party details!

  • National Beer Lover’s Day 

    Today is National Beer Lovers Day, and we encourage you to celebrate by hoisting a pint (or several) at your favorite Harder Concepts bar and grill. In fact, while you're there, why not raise a pint (or several) of Sir Elliott's Pale Ale or Harder1 Lager? After all, they're two beers made by a local brewery (Noble Rey) to the specifications of Harder Concepts founders Jerry Elliott and Brian Harder, both of who are notable beer lovers themselves! Whatever delicious beer you choose, remember to drink it responsibly. Don't spill, and get a ride home if you need one!

    Oh hay, NFL!

    Oh how we've missed you, professional football! The off-season always seems so long & what the hell have we been talking about without football games to start conversations? The Olympics filled in the empty spaces for a while, but Ryan Locte jokes can only go so far, y'know? It just doesn't compare to daily updates of Cowboys drama.  

    Anyway, speaking of the Cowboys, they start Week 1 on Sunday at 3:30p against the Giants. We're pulling for you Dak Prescott! We can't wait to see what you can do! If you're a Cowboys fan, please join us at any one of our locations to pre-game and send him good vibes & feel free to pile in, grab a bite and a beer, and enjoy the next sixteen weeks of NFL glory. By the way, for all you Jets fans keeping the dream alive in the Lone Star State, come meet some fellow fans at Addison Ice House & it's the official Jets watching location for North Texas.

  • Live Music at Saintsbury Tavern

    Drop by Saintsbury Tavern in Austin Ranch on Saturday to catch the Walton Stout Band & and do a little dance, while you're at it! The Walton Stout Band has been playing fat grooves for parties for as long as we can remember, and we're thrilled for them to pump up the jams on Saturday night! Boogie over to Saintsbury and get down with us!

    It's College Football Time!

    Football season's funny, because you go seven months without any football, and then there's a little bit of football with the NFL pre-season, and then BOOM, the first weekend of college football rolls around, and suddenly there are a zillion games! Get to the bad part, right? 

    Anyway, Thursday night kicks off college football season, though you'll probably want to head to your favorite Harder Concepts location to watch the last Cowboys pre-season game. But Friday, all you Big 12 fans will want to come over at 6:30p for Northwestern State at Baylor; Kansas State takes on Stanford at 8p, too. On Saturday, our bars will be open at 11a for OU at Houston, though we'll have the Ohio State game on, too. In fact, we put as many games on as possible on our TVs, so let us know which ones you wanna watch and we'll grab the remote controls for you!

  • The Best 80’s Cover Band in North Texas LIVE at Scruffy Duffies

    Don't miss Awesome Sauce LIVE Thursday! Join the party at Scruffy Duffies in the Shops at Legacy, no cover! Harder Concepts founder Brian Harder will be shreddin' to the oldies in his rad '80s cover band Awesome Sauce! Just as every rose has its thorn, everybody has a blast with Awesome Sauce!

    The Final Vitruvian LIVE concert of the Summer  

    You might already have plans for Thursday night, seeing as how there's a Cowboys pre-season game, but the good news is that you can bring those football plans to Addison Ice House and watch the game with us! But also, Addison Ice House is where you want to be because it's the last Vitruvian Park Live night of the season. Yes, that means that summer is basically over, and while we all have mixed feelings about the end of summer but the advent of better weather, it's no reason to stay home and be bummed about it. In fact, Vitruvian Park is sending summer out with a fun party featuring Dave Matthews Band tribute band Warehouse! Relive those college memories with your favorite DMB jams, not to mention refreshing libations (beers and wine) served by Addison Ice House staff. After the show (place your bets on the closing song & we think it'll be €œTripping Billies€), swing by the Ice House for some cold drafts and shots!

  • We’re Hosting a Watch Party for Courtney Okolo’s 4×4 Relay Run in Rio

    The Newman Smith alumnus and University of Texas track star will compete for a gold on Saturday at 8p.

    The Colony, TX & Courtney Okolo is probably best known for her fleet-footed performances for both the University of Texas and the United States Olympic track teams, but in Carrolton, she's also remembered as an alumnus of Newman Smith High School. Harder Concepts founders Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot, themselves alumni of New Smith, are so excited about this local athlete's accomplishments that they're throwing a watching party at Saintsbury Tavern on Saturday for the finals of the women's 4x4 relay, in which Okolo and her team will compete for a gold medal in the Rio Summer Olympics. 

    €œIt's always awesome to see a local athlete make it to the big-time,€ said Jerry Elliot. €œWe went to high school a long time before she did, but it's fun to have that connection & you just want them to win that much more!€

    The USA 4x4 relay team will compete in the finals at 8p on Saturday. Harder and Elliot encourage other Newman Smith alums to join them in cheering her and Team USA on to Olympic medal glory!





  • North Texas, NFL Football is BACK!

    Well, it's here on Saturday, anyway! The 'Boys are back in action this weekend, getting the gears grinding for their 2016-2017 season against the Rams at 7p. Of course, it is just a preseason game, but the wait between the last second of the Super Bowl and the next season's kickoff always seems so, so long when you're a diehard Cowboys fan like we are. Whatever this season brings, it starts this weekend & come watch the game on the big screens at your favorite Harder Concepts location! 


    Along with the regular football season comes fantasy football season, which means you and your league buddies are gonna need a spot for your draft. Keep your eyes peeled to our social media because we'll be announcing some draft parties with great drink and food specials and other fun stuff. In the meantime, be sure to hang out for drinks, snacks, and whatever sport is going on in Rio at the 2016 Summer Olympics! Those judo medalists make it look so easy! 

  • Live Music Galore!

    It's no secret Harder Concepts loves live music & after all, the only activity Brian Harder likes more than drinking craft beer is probably playing guitar! We are always more than stoked to showcase some local music talent, and on Sunday, August 7, we have High South booked at Saintsbury Tavern & if you've never heard of them, they're a €œharmony rock€ band dividing their time between L.A., Dallas, and Nashville, blending acoustic blues, folk, and country with thrilling three-part harmonies and soulful harmonica. The show starts at 7p and goes 'til 10p. Wrap up your weekend with beers and live jams at Saintsbury Tavern! If you're going out on the town this coming Tuesday (August 9) Australian singer-songwriter (and Real Housewives of Dallas husband) Aaron Hendra is performing at Scruffy Duffies. Come hang out with us! 

    Catch 'em All at Addison Circle 

    Well, maybe not all 149, but there are plenty of Poké-stops along Addison Circle & you're bound to find that elusive Pokémon at some point. While you're hunting, be sure to stop by the Mucky Duck for some chips and queso (on the house for Pokémon Go players) and a cold beverage!   

  • Addison Ice House’s 3rd Anniversary!

    Wow, time really flies! Big thanks to everyone who's helped Addison Ice House into its third year of great times and delicious beers! We're celebrating on Sunday, July 31, with a whole hog roast, drink specials, live music, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Make plans to do your post-brunch day-drinking at Addison Ice House & you don't want to miss our party!

    Austin Ranch

    Austin Ranch has a special place in our hearts because it's the neighborhood where we first built our Harder Concepts €œconcept.€ It's a great place to live and play in, and we take pride in offering you a comfortable, casual hangout with great food and a beer selection carefully curated by some people who truly get excited about beers. We're huge fans of Austin Ranch, in other words.  

    Currently, one of your friendly neighborhood residential communities is running an Instagram contest, and they're theming it around Saintsbury Tavern. To enter Thousand Oaks' Instagram contest, snap a pic of whatever you're stoked about at Saintsbury Tavern, whether it be a beer, or a buffalo lollipop, or your friend's ridiculous Golden Tee avatar & use your imagination, get creative, drink a few Sir Elliot Pale Ale's and snap a pic€¦ Thousand Oaks is accepting entries until Sunday, July 31, and they're giving away some gift card prizes for the best ones. Whatever IG you snap, tag it with #saintsburytavern and #summeratTO to enter. And while you're at it, follow @HarderConcepts for more fun stuff at our bars!

    Rockstar Karaoke is Back! 

    If you sing like a rock star (in the car), you're in luck because Rockstar Karaoke returns to Scruffy Duffies on Thursday, July 28! Rockstar Karaoke is more than your usual dive bar, video-monitors-and-a-couple-of-mics kind of karaoke & it's you singing your favorite songs in front of a live band! It's as much fun to watch as it is to belt out the hits, so don't miss it! Bust out that Journey playlist and practice on your way home today! 

  • Harder Concepts Debuts Signature Beers

    Company founders and brothers Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot partner with Noble Rey Brewing Co. to produce two exclusive craft beers.

    The Colony, TX & After years of owning and operating five popular North Dallas pubs, brothers Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot are finally coming out with their own signature, in-house beers and celebrating the two new brews' debut with a pub crawl and concert on Saturday, July 23.

    Brewed at Dallas-based craft brewery Noble Rey Brewing Co., Brian and Jerry's beers will be on tap at each Harder Concepts location, starting with Saintsbury Tavern in The Colony.

    €œWe are big fans of Noble Rey's beers, so it was kind of a no-brainer to do it with them,€ said Jerry. €œWe basically went to them and described our €˜ideal beers,' and they totally nailed it.€ Jerry's beer, called Sir Elliot, is a pale ale, while Brian's is a lager named Harder 1. €œSierra Nevada Pale Ale is one of my all-time favorite beers, so I asked if they could make a something similar, and I love the result.€ Sir Elliot is notable for its floral hop profile and weighs in with a 5% alcohol-by-volume. As for Brian's beer, he was interested in a craft lager. €œI wanted something that's very drinkable, more of a session beer.€ Hard 1 has a smooth taste with a slightly malty finish and an ABV of 4.7%. €œIf you enjoy light beers, you're gonna love Harder 1, because it's easy to drink, but it still has plenty of flavor.€

    The beers each have their own signature tap handles, as well; Sir Elliot references Jerry's reputation as a jokester with a cartoonified portrait of him, while Harder 1's tap handle is a guitar, in a nod to Brian's €œside job€ as a musician. €œI got into the bar business because I just wasn't quite able to make a living playing guitar, but I still love music and play as often as I can,€ he said. In fact, Saturday's celebratory pub crawl culminates with a performance at Saintsbury Tavern by Brian's band, '80s cover band Awesome Sauce, in which he plays lead guitar. 

    The pub crawl starts and ends at Saintsbury Tavern in The Colony at 6p and makes stops at each Harder Concepts location; the concert starts at 10p. Tickets for the Pub Crawl include a seat on the Pub Crawl bus and promotional swag for the beers (shirts, limited edition Noble Rey pint glasses, and koozies), available for only $20. Space on the bus is limited, and tickets are available at Saintsbury Tavern.

  • Operation Rock the Troops Tuesday

    p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; background-image: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-size: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial;">We've got big news for ya this week & the JC Allstars are doing playing live at Scruffy Duffies on Tuesday, July 19, as part of a charity event! They're on a coast-to-coast tour from Los Angeles to Maryland in support of Operation Rock the Troops, a charitable organization that raises money and awareness for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD.

    At 7p, they're going to roll into the parking lot with a caravan of motorcycles and awesome cars, and we've partnered with the Plano Fire Department to bring out a ladder truck with a flag, plus a bunch friends, veterans, and active military to give 'em a warm welcome. After that, we're gonna pack the house for a night of live music from the JC Allstars and a live performance from the local favorite True Adkins. Come support our nation's wounded heroes! For more info, watch this:  

    What's For Brunch? 

    Looking for a new spot in North Dallas for brunch? Cruise up to The Colony and try the brunch menu at Saintsbury Tavern! Chef Isidro's secret chilaquiles recipe is not to be missed! Okay, okay€¦ technically, it's his wife's secret recipe, but she's kindly shared it with us, and we're passing the deliciousness on to you! Chilaquiles and other awesome brunch plates await you this Saturday and Sunday!

  • End of the Week Brings Free Food!

    If there's one prevailing theme behind every Harder Concept location, it's that beer and snacks go together like ice and penguins, milk and cookies, and Jerry Jones and distorted views of reality. During the month of July, we're celebrating that fact by offering free happy hour tacos every Thursday at the Mucky Duck and Saintsbury Tavern, as well as free happy hour pizza every Friday at Scruffy Duffies. If you live somewhere in Addison Circle, Austin Ranch, or Legacy Towne Center, this is a great bonus! Make plans to pop in for a drink and a free bite this week on your way home from work (or after you let your dogs out)! 

    Ringo's FTW 

    That means €œfor the win,€ right? Anyway, we have exciting news about Ringo's Pub & we're proud to announce that they've recently been named the Best Beer Selection in Plano! Now you know where to go when you've tried every beer on the menu at the other stops along your cruise for brews & if you've heard of a beer but can't find it elsewhere, chances are good we have it! And if we don't carry a beer you're looking for, please let us know so we can try to find it. We love new beers as much as you do!

  • Kaboom Town this Weekend!


    Is Kaboom Town the best party that happens in Addison? It's definitely up there, that's for sure! We'll be celebrating Addison's annual fireworks fiesta and America's independence with pre- and after-parties on Sunday, July 3 at the Mucky Duck. Kaboom Town is free and goes from 5p 'til midnight, but come early to stake out a good spot for your blanket. Be sure to come over if you need to duck into some air conditioning or grab a bite to eat! 

    Aaron Hendra at Saintsbury Tavern  

    Ever wonder what the Real Housewives of Dallas are really like? Maybe you can ask one of their husbands after he plays some tunes & Tiffany Hendra's hubby Aaron is an acclaimed guitarist and singer from Australia, and he'll be playing a set at Saintsbury Tavern Sunday evening. Join us for live music, tasty craft beers, and great grub courtesy our new kitchen head, Chef Isidro. You've gotta try his new brunch menu & we highly recommend the chilaquiles!

  • Saintsbury Tavern Debuts New Menu

    Harder Concepts' Austin Ranch location will focus on classic bar and grill fare

    The Colony, TX & Saintsbury Tavern, a Harder Concepts concept in Austin Ranch, is rolling out a new menu. But instead of chasing the latest off-the-wall trends, its updated fare takes a back-to-basics approach, offering gourmet versions of the classic tavern grub that's made the restaurant company's five locations huge hits, plus a brand-new brunch menu.

    Harder Concepts co-founder Brian Harder said the decision to return to the company's popular comfort food offerings was easy. €œEach location has its own signature plates and snacks. At Ringo's Pub, we offer our own twist on English pub favorites & we have a great fish and chips plate, and we put our own spin on Irish corndogs with banger sausages. At Scruffy Duffies, we take a lot of pride in making top-quality pizzas. Addison Ice House has a smoker out back, and my brother Jerry is an up-and-coming barbecue competition guy, so we can do more of a Texas-influenced menu over there. But overall, Harder Concepts' fare is classic bar grub & hamburgers, nachos, tacos, appetizers, pizza & it's the food that goes the best with a pint or a bottle of your favorite craft beer, made with a gourmet spin by an experienced and creative chef. We just want to offer the food that's worked the best for us over the years, the stuff our regular customers enjoy the most. After all, who doesn't love some really great food?€

    Brian Harder has been involved in the restaurant business for over 16 years in just about every capacity from server and bartender to cook and general manager. A family-owned and operated business, Harder Concepts includes five neighborhood tavern-style bar and grills across North Texas, with locations in
    Plano, Addison, and The Colony. Chef Isidro, the culinary wizard in charge of Saintsbury Tavern's menu revamp has been with the company for five years, previously heading the kitchen at the Mucky Duck in Addison.

    €œChef Isidro really shines with the new brunch menu,€ said Brian. €œHe has three traditionals: chicken-fried steak and eggs, and the Standard, which is an egg scramble with hash browns, toast and bacon, and there's biscuits and gravy, but in pizza form! He also came up with some fantastic versions of Mexican breakfast favorites: he has breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, and chilaquiles & he uses his wife's recipe, and they're amazing!€  

    Brian, Chef Isidro, and the rest of the Harder Concepts team have gone back to some old favorites. €œWe've brought back the southwest eggrolls and Zen pot stickers that were a favorite at Zen, the first restaurant we opened. Then there's fun grub like loaded cheese fries, fried pickels, and lollipopped wings. The wings are brined, roasted, and fried, and they come in four flavors,€ Brian said. €œWe've also brought over the most popular burgers at our other locations, so if you're craving that bacon-mac-and-cheese burger you had at Addison Ice House, you can get that at Saintsbury Tavern, too, though be sure to come by and give our new menu a try.€

  • Half Price Food at Saintsbury Tavern

    Saintsbury Tavern's Chef Isidro is debuting a new menu, and we're celebrating with half-price food through Friday! Whether you're craving pizza, tacos, burgers, or your favorite bar snacks and apps, you'll find something to munch on at Saintsbury & and this week, for super cheap! Make that mid-month paycheck go a little farther this month! Join us for a bite at Saintsbury Tavern!

    Rockstar Karaoke

    Rockstar Karaoke is coming to Scruffy Duffies! If you don't care who catches you belting out 38 Special songs while driving your car, you'll want to take over lead singer duties on the stage at Scruffy Duffies June 21, when Rockstar Karaoke's live-band karaoke brings the show to the Shops at Legacy. Better warm up those pipes! Come sing your favorite hits!

    Game 6 is Thursday! 

    Were you surprised by game 5? The Warriors losing at home??? This season's NBA Championship has turned out to be way more interesting than we thought it would be! And now, with Draymond Green suspended, there's even conspiracy theories afoot. Do you think he got benched by the league to help out Cleveland? Talk amongst yourselves over some beers while you wait for the tipoff. Game 6 starts at 8p on Thursday night. Come hang out!

  • Pizza of the Week

    Like a nice, piping hot pizza pie? Who doesn't, right? While just about everyone digs pizza, there are those of out there who are crazy for it. For those pizza super-fans in North Dallas, Scruffy Duffies has a new specialty €œPizza of the Week,€ available each week. Drop by and see what we're tossing, and don't forget your leftover slices & nothing beats cold pizza the morning after you've gone out!

    NBA Championship 

    Wednesday night is Game 3 and Friday night is Game 4, and if we're being honest, the Warriors look pretty unstoppable. Could be that this series wraps up this week, but anything can happen in Cleveland. C'mon, LeBron & we know you want that ring! No matter what, join us at your favorite Harder Concepts location to watch the games with some friends, drink some craft beer, and enjoy menus chock full of chef-driven comfort food, bar snacks, and other delicious munchables.

    New Brunch Menu at Saintsbury Tavern

    Whether or not you're keeping up with the Copa America Centenario, the US Men's National Team play Paraguay at 6p on Saturday night, which is as good an excuse as any to come by Sainstbury Tavern for some beers that evening. But if you're out and about that afternoon, stop by for a bite off the new brunch menu! You'll see some of your favorite classics, as well as some Harder Concept er€¦ brunch concepts. Hint: they go great with stouts! 

  • Paws in the City at AIH


    Know someone who could use a new four-legged, tail-wagging, stick-chasing friend? Is it you? Either way, stop by Addison Ice House on Saturday from noon to 3p & Paws in the City, a non-profit DFW animal rescue, is going to be there with some really awesome dogs looking for forever homes, and we'd love to see your face when you meet your new buddy. For more info on Paws and their dogs, take a look at their site right here. See you Saturday!

    NBA Championship

    Well, the Cavaliers get their rematch with the Warriors, and even though the odds are long for them to take the trophy home to Cleveland, the Warriors were nearly rolled by the Thunder. They're not invincible, in other words, so this could be a really interesting series. Or the Warriors could beat them in four. You won't know until you've watched the games, so join us for the first one on Thursday at 8p!

    Scruffy's Comedy Night 

    You like to laugh right? Dallas comedian Paul Varghese and his funniest friends will be doing standup on Monday, June 6 at Scruffy Duffies. He's a veteran comic who's appeared on Last Comic Standing 2, appeared on Comedy Central, and even opened for the late, great Joan Rivers, not to mention interning in college on the Sally Jesse Raphael show. You should ask him about that! Also: pizza is ½ price, and the usual suspect drafts are only $4. The jokes start flying at 6p! 

  • Sunday Funday with Jamey Garner

    Here at Harder Concepts, we love live music. Whether it's a rock band blasting our favorite hits or a singer-songwriter giving a quieter, more intimate, acoustic performance, we love hearing and watching people perform music on stage. One performer we love is a mega-talented guy named Jamey Garner. He's been steadily building a career that started with his band High South, a group that the press has called €œa new Eagles€ for their incredible four-part vocal harmonies. You can check out all of Jamey's musical info on his site (and please do, because the guy is really impressive), or you can just come watch him perform at Saintsbury Tavern on Sunday. Add some live music to your Memorial Day weekend! 

    Speaking of Memorial Day€¦

    Scruffy Duffie and Addison Ice House will be closed on Monday 5/30 in observation of the holiday, but Ringo's Pub will be open at 5p. You'll just have to stop by for music on their patio after your pool party! 

    Free Tacos 

    You like tacos, right? Come by Sainstbury Tavern or the Mucky Duck from 6-8p on Thursdays and enjoy complimentary tacos with your drink purchase. When there are free tacos, happy hour is even better! 

  • American Craft Beer Week

    Hopefully by now you've celebrated American Craft Beer Week with some great beers at home or our favorite tap house; if not, well there's still time to raise a glass in tribute to the independent brewers of the good ol' US of A. If you drop by Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies, you should grab a pint of Karbach Hopadillo and/or Odell Myrcenary & both are crisp, hoppy IPAs (Myrcenary's is actually a double IPA), and both come with specialty glassware you can take home with you (while supplies last). Add to your pint glass collection and support America's independent brewers & without you, they'd be in the garage with a bunch of home brewed beer and nobody to share it with! Help keep the craft beer dream alive and well & raise a glass today! 

    Derek Anthony at Scruffy Duffies 5/24 

    We don't know if country singer Derek Anthony's new song €œLong Line of Longnecks€ is secretly about beer bottles, but it rocks pretty hard nevertheless. Take a listen here, and if you dig what you hear, come see him play at Scruffy Duffies next Tuesday (5/24). Get some drinks and support an up-and-coming musician! 

  • Stars and Blues Game 7

    Got Stars gear? Put it on (especially if it's lucky) and join us for Game 7 tonight! No matter what happens at the end, you don't want to miss this game. Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News quoted the legendary Brent Gilchrist in a piece about Wednesday night's upcoming game: €œIn a game 7, your season is never more alive.€ And the dude should know; Gilchrist played in a game 7 with Mike Modano, a heartbreaking loss that ended the Stars 1997 season. So in terms of watching hockey, it just doesn't get any better than when your team's road to the Stanley Cup has to cross the bridge of a do-or-die game in a tied series. But also, GO STARS! Let's win this and get ready to take on Tampa! Game 7 starts at 7p, so come early and get a seat (and some happy hour drinks)! Join us at your favorite Harder Concepts location!

    Taste of Addison

    It's that time of year again when Addison Circle fills up with people filling up on the best food and drink the city has to offer. The Mucky Duck is bringin' it with before and after parties on Saturday. If you're tastin', be sure to stop by the Duck for drinks and live music, courtesy Christian Sly from 6-10p, and a live DJ from 10p-close.

    Meanwhile, at Addison Ice House€¦ 

    We're waiting on the weather to confirm whether or not Addison Ice House will host the Vitruvian Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, so stay tuned to Addison Ice House and Vitruvian Park's Facebook pages!

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

    Call us crazy, but we're starting to get a tingle of sports excitement we haven't felt since 1999 & when the Stars brought the Stanley Cup home for the very first time! Can Jamie Benn and the boys make it all the way and win the championship? Find out with us! The Stars and Blues face off in game 1 of round 2 of the playoffs Friday night at AAC at 7p. For those lucky enough to have tickets, tag us in your Tweets, Snaps, and Grams with #harderconcepts so we can see all the in-person action we're missing & especially if you're sitting on the ice because there's nothing like a big hit captured rink-side! And if you watch the game with us, don't forget that Miller Lite pints are $2.50 and bottles are only $3 for as long as the Stars are in the playoffs. 

    NFL Draft Time!

    For true football fanatics, the spring and summer are a long time to go without seeing a kickoff. That's probably why they do the draft in April, to tie you over until the pre-season starts. We'll have the draft on tomorrow (Thursday) at all five Harder locations, so fill your football fan tanks up a little bit with us while enjoying happy hour and each Harder bar's Thursday specials! 

    Mucky Duck Crawfish Boil 

    Good news, crawfish fans! The Mucky Duck's crawfish boil is back on for Sunday, May 1! Blake Burrow kicks out the acoustic jams at 5:30p, and we'll start serving up mudbugs at 6p. Besides spicy, crawfishy goodness (and sausagey and potatoey goodness, too), Mucky Duck will have happy hour prices all day!

  • Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavs Playoffs at all 5 Harder Concepts Locations

    What a great time to be a fan of Dallas sports & the Stars and Mavs are both in the playoffs, and even the Rangers are on top right now! The less said about that first Mavs game the better, but as long as they and/or the Stars continue to be post-season contenders, we'll be serving Miller Lite at a discount & $2.50 for pints, and $3 for bottles & at all five Harder Concepts locations! 

    Additionally, you'll want to keep your eyes on Addison Ice House's Facebook page and our Instagram; we're working out the details, but we're gonna throw a lil' Official Stars Watching Party. Keep your fingers crossed for our local boys' continued success in their quest for the Stanley Cup! 

    Mmmmm€¦ Pretzels€¦

    Tuesday, April 26 is National Pretzel Day. If you get €œtwisted€ for the taste of buttery, pretzelly goodness, be sure to try our Ringo's burger, because it comes on a delicious pretzel bun. Besides Ringo's Pub, you can chomp on one at Addison Ice House, too.  

    Of course, you might also want to celebrate National Pretzel Day with a classic, in which case, head to the Mucky Duck or Scruffy Duffies for one of our giant beer pretzels, served with white queso and spicy gourmet mustard. Just be sure to grab a napkin & we'll let you know if you get any of those dips on the corner of your mouth!

  • Mucky Duck Crawfish Boil Postponed

    Well, we must have jinxed it in the last blog when we talked about how awesome this weather has been because the weather is certainly not awesome anymore! The Mucky Duck's Crawfish Boil has been postponed because of all the rain today. Stay tuned for a possible reschedule date!

  • Live! Loud! Delicious!


    Get your groove on at Scruffy Duffies tonight (Thursday, 4/14) with Eternal Motion Band! We've been bringing back live music on select Thursday nights, and this week, we have this awesome party band playing your favorite dance tunes. Lace up your boogie boots and get ready to rock! 

    The Mucky Duck's Crawfish Boil

    How about this weather, huh? As usual, spring has turned out to be pretty great, but it wouldn't be complete without a crawfish boil, so the Mucky Duck is getting spicy on Sunday, April 17 from 6-8p. Besides heaping piles of crawfish, corn, sausage, and potatoes, Blake Burrow will be doing acoustic sets starting at 5:30p. Don't let this Sunday Funday pass you by! If you need an excuse to come early, we'll have the Rangers game on at 2:05p! 

    Go Stars! 

    The Stars face the Wild in Game 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs tonight at 8:30p! Can't wait to get this going! We'll have the game on at every Harder Concepts location. Get those Seguin and Benn jerseys on (or whomever your favorite Star is) and see the start of what could be the return of Lord Stanley's Cup to Dallas!

  • Happy National Beer Day!

    Did you know today is National Beer Day? Come on over and celebrate! Each of our 5 Harder Concepts locations has a wide variety of craft beers from around the country & not to mention your favorites from Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors. We take pride in curating our selection, finding the best and latest craft beers, as well as supporting Texas breweries whenever we can. If you're a fan of local breweries like Rahr, Revolver, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Four Corners, and more, you'll be pleased to find their beers represented on our tap walls and coolers. Raise a pint, can, or bottle to our favorite beverage today! 

    Nominate AIH for an Award! 

    It's that time of year again when Addison Magazine starts taking reader nominations for the annual Addison Magazine Readers Choice Awards. There are a ton of categories, and if you think Addison Ice House or the Mucky Duck would make a good candidate (probably not for the Favorite Sushi Place or Favorite Theatre Performance categories, though), write 'em in! Go here to nominate us & we'll keep you posted if we win! 

  • March Madness Mania!

    Whether your bracket is still hanging in there or it busted, join us for the Final Four this weekend! Got any predictions? Both games are on Saturday; Villanova and Oklahoma play at 5:09p and the Tar Heels take on the Orange at 7:49p, with the championship game on Monday. The Sooners seem to be the team to beat, but you know how it goes with March Madness & anything can happen! Join us for the finale of the 2016 college basketball at any of our 5 Harder Concept locations. 

    Baseball is Back! 

    The wait is almost over! The Rangers 2016 season kicks off Monday at 3:05p vs the Mariners; hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who are going to the game, but all Harder Concept locations will have it on during happy hour & it sounds like the Rangers are pulling out all the stops for the home opener, so you don't want to miss it. Between Neal McCoy singing the National Anthem, a flyover by a squadron of F-16s, and appearance of the Big Show (hear that, wrestling fans?!?), the game will be fun to watch even if you don't get to go to Globe Life Park. Come get some happy hour drinks with us and celebrate the return of the American Pastime!

  • Crush March Madness with our Stoli Crush

    For the month of March, we're featuring our new Stoli Crush at all 5 Harder Concepts locations. With March Madness heating up with the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 this weekend, you're going to need one (or more!) Our Stoli Crush features Stoli Orange and Yellow Edition Red Bull, it's a solid addition to our craft cocktail menus.

    Going out in Addison Thursday?

    One of our favorite things in life is when you get to start the weekend a night early & whether it's a GNO, guys night, three-day weekend, or you can get to work by 9a no matter what you do the night before, Thursday evening drinks is an all-time classic activity. If you're getting drinks in Addison this Thursday, start your bar-hopping adventure at the Mucky Duck, because the Mucky Duck's happy hour features complimentary tacos with your drink purchase from 6-8p. As a side bonus, select pints are only $3 all night long! Free snacks and cheap drafts are a great way to kick off your weekend & especially when it's a day early! 

    Pro Cooks Wanted!

    Speaking of snacks at the Mucky Duck€¦ Are you an experienced cook that knows how to turn on beast mode when you're in the kitchen? The Mucky Duck might be the place for you! Join a fun team at a busy bar for good pay & besides being one of the top hangouts in Addison, the Mucky Duck offers a full menu of creative takes on classic comfort foods. If you're a pro, it'll be a snap! The Mucky Duck is located at 5064 Addison Circle Addison, TX 75001 & bring your resume by or come fill out an application ASAP! 

    Easter Hours 

    If you're looking to wrap up your Easter lunches, dinner, or other family get-togethers with a drink before you turn in for the weekend, all Harder Concept locations will be open at 6p Sunday. Good luck on your egg hunts!


  • St. Patrick’s Day Week Continues!

    Welp, St. Patrick's Day season (and it is definitely a season for us!) comes to a close this week, stop in at for green beer at the Mucky Duck Thursday, as well as a block party hosted by Saintsbury Tavern and Shakertins over in Austin Ranch & you might want to stop by that anyway, because it's their first big block party, and it's also going on Thursday through Saturday, with drink specials and a tasty take on a classic cocktail, a signature Irish Mule!

    March Madness Returns! 

    Everyone's favorite basketball tournament is back on Thursday, starting with the Duke and UNCW game at 11:15a. Who are you picking to win it all? Will it be a Cinderella story or another confident triumph from a perennial powerhouse? No matter what, we have the TVs to accommodate all those games, so if you're a basketball geek who's blowing off work and the rest of the world to watch as many games as possible, we'd love to have you over for beer and b-ball. In fact, Scruffy Duffies will be opening early on Friday at 11a (but they'll be closed until 8p Thursday for a private party). Over at Addison Ice House, we'll be doing a beer bracket like we did last year & basically, you help your favorite brew advance by buying drafts, or cans, or bottles. It's a fun way to try some new brews and help promote the ones you like best. Maybe some new, small batch peach ale or some such will come out of the woodwork to dethrone last year's champ!

  • Ringo’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

    We hope you're as stoked as we are for Ringo's Pub 7th annual St. Patrick's Day Block Party this Saturday & this year, it's bigger than ever, with a full day of live music and proud-to-be-Irish fun! Starting at 2p, Ringo's Pub will be turning its parking lot into a playground of food trucks, green beer, and your favorite rock and roll & Christian Sly gets the party going, which also features Tom Petty tribute Petty Theft (featuring the Hard Line's Mike Rhyner), jack-of-all-trades 80's cover sensations Awesome Sauce, the Big Daddy Band, and€¦ Bowling for Soup! DJ Double E keeps the party pumping all night, too. 

    Besides our awesome party, we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day Thursday 3/11 through Wednesday 3/17 with a $2 Guinness promo at Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies & who doesn't like discounts on Guinness? & and we're also adding a fun run on the morning of Saturday the 12th. What's great about this 5k is that in addition to finish-line swag like a medal, a free finish-line photo, and a free Run of the Irish 5k t-shirt, you get free cover to our St. Patrick's Block Party, and your first beer is on the house, too! You can register for the Run of the Irish online right here, or sign up during late registration at the event from 7:30a to 9a. The race itself starts at 9a, concluding around 9:30a to start the post-race party and awards ceremony. The entry fee is $33 for adults or $21 for children under 12. 

    Thursday Night Live Music Series at Scruffy's

    Scruffy Duffie's is bringing in bands once a month on Thursdays, starting Thursday 3/10 with the hilarious antics of the Vegas Stars, who will be rocking your socks off with your favorite dance, rock, rap, and pop hits from the past 40 years. Come hear the songs you love and drink some delicious craft brews with us on Thursday nights!


  • St. Patrick’s Day is Coming

    It's the first week of March, which means we're only a couple weeks away from our biggest bash of the year & our annual St. Patrick's Day block party at Ringo's and Scruffy Duffies! Get your green gear out of the laundry (or costume box, or wherever you stash your holiday gear) and prepare to party with live music, DJ, food trucks, and gallons of green beer. We'll have more details for you next week, but in the meantime, check out this €œtrailer€ for Ringo's 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Block Party!

    New Customer Catering Special 

    Great news if you need catering & if you're a first-time customer, we'll give you a sweet 10% discount off your order (some restrictions apply & see store for details)! When you need to feed a bunch of fam and friends, we have you covered. Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies, both offer a wide range of tasty dishes scaled to feed 8-10 people. Pizza, pasta, sliders, sammies, salads, wraps, nachos, boxed lunches and finger food€¦ if you're getting hungry thinking about it, take a look at our menu and give us a call. We look forward to delivering your food! 

  • Pizza Time?

    Remember this Pizza Hut commercial? It features a certain billionaire businessman/entertainer/aspiring President you may have heard of and his ex-wife talking about how to divide a stuffed-crust pizza. Lot of gimmicks going on in that ad, not the least of which is that pie.

    Now we know there's a time and a place in the world for pizza-crust stuffed with mozzarella (kids' birthday parties, Cowboy team meetings, the morning you wake up with a huge headache and a $100 bar receipt), but when it comes to the pizzas we make at Scuffy Duffies, we care more about taste than funny scripts, comb-overs, and culinary craziness. We keep it nice and simple, in other words, serving tasty pies sized in either a 7€ personal or a sharable 16€ large. Each comes with two toppings; choose from pepperoni, meatballs, Italian sausage, bacon, chicken, tomatoes, black olives, red onions, caramelized onions, mushrooms, Buffalo mozzarella, and basil & each additional topping is only fifty cents more so get creative. The crust is brushed with roasted garlic and herb-infused olive oil, and they're available for carry-out, perfect for those nights you don€˜t feel like cooking, or those nights you don't feel like cooking because you don't know how. And don't forget & Scruffy's kitchen is open until 1a, so give 'em a call when you get those midnight munchies!

    Shakertins in Austin Ranch 

    We just want to give a shoutout to this excellent new hangout spot in Austin Ranch called Shakertins. It's a nice place to drink some craft beer, shoot some pool, and snack on some really great food -- if that post above about pizza has you hungry for pie, you need to try Shakertins flatbreads!

  • National Margarita Day is Tuesday 2/22!

    Cross your fingers that this incredible weather will hold through Tuesday, because Tuesday is National Margarita Day, and margaritas are made for drinking outside. We were going to attribute that claim to the cocktail's origin story, but it turns out there are lots of competing claims to who first mixed tequila, orange liqueur, and sweet and sour over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. One involves a Dallas socialite making it up for the guests at a vacation home in Acapulco. Another story says it was a bartender at the late, great Balinese Room in Galveston that invented the drink for jazz legend Peggy Lee. Then there's the tale of Pancho Morales, a bartender at a spot in Juarez called Tommy's Place Bar. Though he left bartending to become a U.S. citizen and later a milkman, Mexican news agency Notimex thinks he has the strongest claim, tracing the drinks origins all the way back to 1942. 

    Whomever made up margaritas, we're grateful for them. And if the weather is this great on Tuesday, you should join us on the patio of your nearest Harder Concept location. Of course, 'ritas are good indoors, too, so get your friends together and celebrate everyone's favorite tequila drink!

  • Dallas Stars Night on Thursday!


    It's a big day for all you Dallas Stars fans on Thursday (2/11)! Head over to Addison Ice House for some beers and meet a couple of famous guys you might remember & we have Stars alums Brendan Morrow and Marty Turco in the house for our Stars vs Blackhawks watching party! The game starts at 7:30p, and besides an appearance by a couple of the Stars all-time greats, we're also doing some pretty sweet giveaways & there's a bunch of autographed memorabilia up for grabs, as well as some free Stars tickets! Don't miss out on a chance to bring home some cool prizes and meet some Stars legends!

    Valentine's Day 

    Whether you're miffed that your favorite restaurants are booked up this weekend for Valentine's Day or need a place to take your sweetie for dinner because you forgot to make reservations, come by for dinner at any of our Harder Concepts locations. With lots of seating, tons of delicious craft brews, and fun and savory menus at each place, take the pressure off yourself to do something fancy and take your date out for a night that's just fun! It's the thought that counts, right?




    Whether you're rooting for the Broncos, the Panthers, or the commercials, one squad everyone can get behind is the Mucky Duck, because they'll be slinging free tacos during the Super Bowl on Sunday, not to mention $3 draughts on select beers, and $3 shots of Fireball, Tuaca, Jager, and Rumpleminze.

    As for our other locations, they'll each be toasting the big game with drink specials, game swag, and prizes throughout the game, not to mention some awesome finger foods and our huge TVs & it's all the comforts of a Super Bowl party at your home with none of the clean up! See y'all Sunday afternoon!



    Party on Mardi for Fat Tuesday!

    Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday 2/9 this year, and the Mucky Duck is celebrating everyone's favorite festival day with a crawfish boil. Besides kicking off Lent, Mardi Gras is also the unofficial start of crawfish season, so if you're in Addison, don't miss out on some delicious aquatic snacks, as well as $3 12 ounce can beers, shot specials, and Fat Tuesday party favors.

    Down the road in Addison, Addison Ice House is also celebrating Mardi Gras with crawfish etouffee and a smoked pig, plus live music and a King cake. The good times roll at 3p, and the music starts at 7:30p. 

    Then, over at Scruffy Duffies, they're combining their Mardi Gras celebration with their 4th Anniversary Party. Hard to believe it's been four years! That's a lot of shots and beers! Besides drink and food specials, Scruffy's will also have Awesome Sauce on hand to rock you like a hurricane with your favorite cover songs. Don't miss out on the winter's wildest Tuesday-night party!

  • Who’s hungry, and how many are you?

    One thing we have made sure to do with each Harder Concepts location is have plenty of room for you and all your rowdy friends & if you have a big group of people, we have lots of seating without a lot of elbow bumping. If you can get a head count ahead of time, do us a solid and call ahead; you can also book happy hour parties at all five Harder Concepts spots, and we even have a separate €œsports den€ at Scruffy Duffies; it's great for events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, guys or ladies night out, or any other occasion you'd need your own section (we know Maw Maw's birthdays can get kinda wild).

    But if your fiesta is en casa, we'd still love to help you out. Our catering service features lots of delicious dishes that are big enough to serve 8-10 people. Throwing a pizza party? How about ordering a few of our 16€ pizzas. Are your guests craving pasta? We make that, too, as well as nachos, salads, wraps, slider trays, and even boxed lunches. If you need finger food or starters, let us whip up some trays of mini calzones, mini meatballs, pigs in a blanket, or wings (in multiple flavors, too). Take a look at the Harder Concepts catering menu and call us to place an order!  

    Super Bowl L (it's gonna be large)

    Wow, the Super Bowl is almost here! We'll be throwing parties at each Harder Concepts location, so check back for details. It's the 50th anniversary of the biggest football game in the world & where will you be? If it's in Santa Clara at Levi's Stadium, take pictures & and tag us on Instagram @harderconcepts!

  • Beer. It’s what’s for dinner (and lunch, and dessert, and any other time)

    When you visit a Harder Concept location, we hope you notice that we have more than just a five or six beer taps representing the major macrobrews. We really, really like beer, especially when it's brewed close to home, and we pride ourselves on making sure we have plenty of Texas breweries represented in our draft selection and in the bottles and cans in our coolers & everything from your Rahr and Sons and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. favorites to beers from Southern Star, Cedar Creek, and more, not to mention plenty of craft brews from outside Texas. If you're into craft beer, be sure to ask your server or your bartender what's new on menu. We also regularly partner with craft breweries to offer chef-driven, multi-course beer dinners, which include use a particular brewery's beers as ingredients while pairing each dish with different brews. Our selection is always rotating one keg or another, so come by often so you don't miss out on something rare!

    Pint Night at Addison Ice House

    You know how we like beer, right? See above if not, but otherwise, our beer fandom translates into occasional pint nights, and on Thursday, January 21, Addison Ice House will behosting our friends from Martin House for a pint night. They'rebringing in Toadies Bock and some more rad glassware to add to your collection. Don't miss out on this awesome beer and a new glass & pretty soon, you're gonna need a china hutch for all those things! Also, we have two new beers from Guns and Oil on tap: Maverick Lager and Backcountry Breakfast Stout both on tap. Don't leave without at least getting a taster!

  • Super Bowl 50 is February 7!

    It's kind of weird to see the Super Bowl number without Roman numerals, but Super Bowl €œL€ is probably too confusing for a lot of people.  Nevertheless, it's a big one & the 50th anniversary of the big game, plus the first one to appear in Levi's Stadium. Hopefully the commercials are the biggest and the best ever, too. If you're headed to Santa Clara that weekend, we're more than a little jealous. But if you're watching the game here in North Texas, you should make plans to catch the game at one of our Harder Concepts locations, as we'll have game-specific party plans at each one. If you're throwing your own party, save yourself the cooking and cleaning hassles and call us for catering. We have tons of dishes that serve 8-10 people, from 16€ pizzas, pasta dishes, and nachos to wraps, slider trays, and boxed lunches, plus your favorite game snacks: mini calzones, mini meatballs, pigs in a blanket, and of course€¦ wings. Check out the Harder Concepts catering menu right here:

    Of course, the Super Bowl teams are still TBD, but as always, join us for the divisional and conference playoff games in the coming weeks & Saturday's games include the Chiefs at Pats at 3:25p and Packers at Cardinals at 7:30p; Sunday's games have Seattle at Carolina at noon and Pittsburgh playing Denver at 3:30p. See you this weekend, football friends!


    Looks like Powerball is up to a $1.5 billion jackpot tonight. If you win, come buy your buds a round or two at your nearest Harder Concepts location. You can also do this if you don't win. Good luck! May the (incredible) odds be in your favor!

  • The Bison Are Back!

    There's a lot of football this weekend between the NFL playoff games and the College Football Championship. But the one we're the most excited about is our annual visit from the North Dakota State fans who come to North Dallas every year to see their beloved Bison play in the FCS championship over in Frisco. And every year, we throw an awesome party for them.

    This is the Bison's fifth straight appearance in the FCS championship game, and we're going big with a two-day block party at Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies. The fun kicks off at 8p on Friday the 8th and picks up again after the game at 3p on Saturday. We'll have tons of food, live music both days, plus live DJs and drink specials. Come support NDSU in their €œDrive for Five€ and show some folks from Fargo some Texas hospitality!

    Non-Bison-related Football News 

    Wow, is it the post-season already? Time flies when you're having fun, and it flies even if you're not, as many Cowboys fans are well aware. Oh well. There's always next year, right? But football is still football (remember how you miss it during the middle of baseball season?) and it's never better than during the last weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The NFL post-season kicks off on Saturday with a couple wild card games. Join us at any of the Harder Concepts locations at 3:35p for the Chiefs and Texans game, and then stick around for the Steelers and Bengals at 7:15p. On Sunday, the Seahawks and Vikings duke it out at 12:05p, while the Packers face the Redskins at 3:40p. Finally, don't forget about the College Football National Championship Game Monday night & Alabama and Clemson kick off at 7:30p. Then on Tuesday, we can start arguing about the NFL playoffs. Can't wait!

  • Happy Holiday Hours

    Happy Holidays from everyone here at Harder Concepts! From all of our work families to yours, we're grateful you've been coming to drink, eat, and party harder at our five locations, and we'd like to give you a heads up that all of them will be closed on Christmas Eve so our staff can have some holiday time themselves. On Christmas, Scruffy Duffies, Ringo's Pub, the Mucky Duck, and Saintsbury Tavern will be open at 5p; Addison Ice House will be closed on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, reopening at regular time on Saturday. We hope you have a great holiday & be sure to drop in for drink when you've filled up on family time.

    Bowl Games Galore

    Keeping up with the college post-season? Join us on Wednesday when Boise State and Northern Illinois face off in the Poinsettia Bowl at 3:30p, and catch Georgia Southern and Bowling Green in the GoDaddy Bowl at 7p. Then on Saturday, camp out at any of our locations for a full day of college football: St. Petersberg Bowl (Connecticut vs. Marshall) is at 10a, the Sun Bowl (Miami vs. Washington State) is at 1p, Washington and Southern Miss play at 1:20p in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, Duke and Indiana kick off the Pinstripe Bowl at 2:30p, the Independence Bowl (Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech) starts at 4:45p, and UCLA and Nebraska play in the Foster Farms Bowl at 8:15p.


  • Addison Ice House Pub Crawl

    Join your friends at Addison Ice House on Saturday for a fun little holiday pub crawl that includes a commemorative t-shirt! The bus leaves the Ice House at 7p; from there it makes drink stops at the Mucky Duck, Shuck and Jive, Memphis Night Club, the Back 9, and back to Addison Ice House, where you can grab one more night cap and watch the Vitruvian Lights. To get a seat on the bus, call 972- 218-0921.

    Holiday Catering is Available

    Need to feed a big group of people this holiday season? Let Ringo's or Scruffy Duffies do the cooking! Our catering menu offers a wide variety of apps, mains, and desserts, and each feeds 8-10 people (if you have way more people than that coming to your party, we'll be happy to scale it up for you). From mini calzones, pigs-in-blankets, and mini meatballs to slider trays, mac and cheese (tossed with bangers and peas), pizza, and fireball whiskey chicken salad, we offer plenty of great grub to make your holiday party a huge hit. Contact our catering director Tia Carpenter at 469-795-0724 or email catering@harderconcepts to put in your order!

    Warm up with Hot Cider

    Let's say it's a cold night and the walk from the parking lot to the front door of one of our bars is a lot chillier than you expected & you're in luck because we are offering hot cider at all of our locations. Warm up with a cup before you chill out with a beer!

  • Mucky Duck’s Social Santa Happy Hour is Back!


    By definition, happy hour is a good time, but this Thursday (12/3), the Mucky Duck's happy hour is going to be extra fun, because in addition to drink specials, we're helping some kids in need have some holiday cheer. We'll be collecting toys for donation to Captain Hope's Kids, a non-profit organization that helps homeless kids across North Texas. All you have to do to participate is bring an unwrapped toy (and feel free to bring more than one if you want!), then enjoy discounted drinks, free tacos from our taco bar, and some great door prizes donated from local businesses. And speaking of local businesses, you'll have a great opportunity to meet local pros from a wide variety of industries like marketing and social media. Get some drinks, meet some folks, and help some kids! Don't forget to use the hashtag #SocialSantaDFW while you're there, because we'll be awarding more prizes as the evening goes on!

    Make Meals for the Homeless at Saintsbury Tavern 

    Join your friends from the Saintsbury Tavern for their monthly Making Meals for the Homeless event on the morning of Saturday, December 5! From 8:45 to 11a, Saintsbury staff and volunteers will be makin' sandwiches and baggin' up lunches for donation to SoupMobile for distribution to those in need. 

    If you'd like to participate, come in clothes you can get bleach on, and bring (in any combination), a loaf of sliced sandwich bread, sliced bologna, American cheese, bags of tortilla chips, and sandwich or animal cookies. What's really amazing about this event (besides the warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping others) is that Saintsbury usually makes enough food to feed over 5,000 hungry people. Sleep in on Sunday and help some people in need Saturday morning! 

    Vitruvian Lights on Saturday Night 

    Addison Ice House will be providing the food for Saturday night's Vitruvian Lights concert, featuring your holiday favorites performed by the Dallas String Quartet. The event starts at 6p, and in addition to fun stuff like a Santa photo zone and an elf balloon artist, there's also the Metrocrest Services Toy & Food drive, which you can learn more about here

  • First Things First: Have a Great Thanksgiving!

    From everyone at Harder Concepts, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of fun with your family and friends! And when you have had enough of your family and are in dire need of a beer, head to Ringo's Pub, the Mucky Duck, and Saintsbury Tavern & they'll be open at 7p (Addison Ice House and Scruffy Duffies will be closed on Turkey Day). 

    Black Friday Pub Crawl at the Mucky Duck 

    Looks like we still have a few seats on the pub crawl bus! On Friday, while people are fighting each other for extreme deals on TVs and what-not, we'll be hopping in the bus and hitting up five bars: Saintsbury Tavern, Carrollton ChopShop Sports Garage, Addison Ice House, The Back 9, and a final round back at the Mucky Duck. Call us ASAP to grab one of the last seats!

    Light it Up at Vitruvian Park  

    Just a lil' reminder: Vitruvian Lights starts up on Friday night! It's one of our favorite events of the year, and afterward you can grab a drink at Addison Ice House! Pretty sweet little Friday night activity, if you ask us!

  • Hosting a Holiday Party? Let Us Bring the Food!

    Harder Concepts Holiday CateringAs another week goes by, the holidays loom ever closer. We say that like it's a bad thing (it's not & we love the holidays because they're awesome), but everyone knows how stressful the season can get with all the party planning and feeding people and what not. Besides serving you beer, another way Harder Concepts can make the holiday season a little easier is with our catering menu!

    Whether you're feeding a group of folks at home or at work, we have a wide variety of great grub to wow your guests (and fill 'em up, of course). Need salads? How about a Caesar or caprese? Or maybe some pizza? Our catering pies are 16€ and you can load them with toppings; we also offer three different pasta dishes, as well as wraps, slider trays, and boxed lunches. If you're having an event that calls for small bites, we can bring you apps like wings, mini calzones, mini meatballs, and pigs in a blanket, and we also offer a gooey butter cake for dessert! Each item is designed to serve between 8-10 people, and there are lots of other items to choose from, so check out the full Harder Concepts catering menu right here

    Thanksgiving is Coming

    Thanksgiving is in a week, and we'll be doing our annual Thanksgiving potlucks tonight at the Mucky Duck, Ringo's Pub, and Addison Ice House. If you didn't get enough turkey, we'll be at Saintsbury Tavern tomrrow. We'll bring the bird, you just have to sign up for a side dish or dessert. Is it possible to have enough green bean casserole? Probably not!

  • NTX Beer Week is Here!

    It's Wednesday of NTX Beer Week, so we hope you've been by for some great local craft beers. Across all five of our locations, we've been enjoying watching our guests try new brews from independent,  North Texas beer makers & not to mention enjoying a few of these new brews ourselves!

    NTX Beer WeekIn any case, be sure to stop by the Harder Concepts location nearest you for daily featured beers and specials. For example, Addison Ice House is celebrating 7 Pints for 7 Nights. That's seven days of seven different Pint Nights! Ringo's Pub has a Lakewood Temptress French Quarter, Grapevine Brewing Stocking Stuffer Winter Warmer, and Cobra Brewing Donut Dunker. Who doesn't like a beer with hints of doughnuts! At Scruffy Duffies they're pouring pints of Grapevine Brewery Sir Williams Brown Ale, Nine Band Brewery Pale Ale, Audacity Brewery Black Widow Stout, and Lakewood Punkel (a Pumpkin Dunkelweiss.)

     Be sure to check each of our location's calendars (here you go: The Mucky Duck, Ringo's Pub, Scruffy Duffies, Saintsbury Tavern, and Addison Ice House) for their individual NTX Beer Week offerings. It looks like your pint glass collection is about to get bigger! 

    It's Party Planning Season!

    If you hadn't noticed by the change of merchandise available in the seasonal aisles, the holidays are rapidly approaching. But before you freeze up under the prospect of having to make a bunch of snacks and mains, we're offering catering this year from Scruffy's and Ringo's. If you click here for catering, you can take a look at what our catering packages offer. And if you need a place to host a party, we have you covered on that, too, because all our locations (Mucky Duck, Addison Ice House, Ringo's Pub, Scruffy Duffy's, and Saintsbury Tavern) are available for rent; contact us if you'd like to book your holiday gathering with us!

  • Whew! What a Weekend!

    Well, Halloween is about a week behind us, so hopefully you've recovered from a Halloween that included an extra hour of partying. We'd like to thank everyone who came to our bars' parties, and huge thanks to everyone who dressed up for costume contest & we saw a lot of awesome, hilarious, and sexy get-ups!

    We have a few more weeks until Thanksgiving (our next location-wide event), but in the meantime, there's plenty of football games to watch. During last weekend's games, you might have seen our new commercial! In case you missed it, here it is again: 

  • Halloween the Harder Way

    We hope you're at the top of your Halloween costume game, because our bars are throwing parties and giving away some sweet cash prizes. Our biggest one takes place at Scruffy Duffies, where the grand prize winner takes home $1000, and the sexiest and funniest costumes win $500 each. At Ringo's Pub, Saintsbury Tavern, and the Mucky Duck, the prizes are $500 for the best, and $250 each for the sexiest and funniest ones. Addison Ice House is giving away $200 worth of cash prizes too!

    Besides the costume contests, we'll have scare-iffic drink specials at each location, plus live DJs and some bands; at Saintsbury Tavern, catch Awesome Sauce rock your favorite '80s hits, and at Scruffy Duffies, the music will be provided by RHCP tribute Pepper Theft and DJ Screeh, with the Great Donovan (you know that guy, right P-1s?) MCing the whole deal. We hope to see you there, even if we don't recognize you under that sweet, prize-winning costume!

    Oh Hey, Basketball! We Missed You

    Basketball is back! If the Mavs are playing, we'll have the game on at all Harder Concept locations. And speaking of sports, don't forget, Addison Ice House is the official watching location for North Texas Jets fans. We love seeing that green and white!

  • Scruffy Duffies Shops at Legacy Trick-or-Treat Special

    If you're out and about the Shops at Legacy between noon and 4p on Saturday (10/24), swing by Scruffy Duffies for lunch, because food purchases are 15% off as part of the Shops' trick-or-treat event. Come get some pizza and beer!

    Paint a Pumpkin Night at The Mucky Duck

    This event takes place tonight (10/29) at the Mucky Duck & our buds at Blue Moon are sponsoring a drink-and-paint-a-pumpkin night from 6:30-8pm; if you skimped on the Halloween decorations this year (or every year), this is an easy thing to put in front of your front door. 

    Cornhole Tournament at Addison Ice House

    Get those bag-lobbing muscles limbered up, because there's a cornhole tournament on Saturday October 24 at Addison Ice House. It's gonna be pretty sweet, because every team entered is guaranteed two games, prizes for first and second places, and drink specials the whole time. Better still, if you come wearing your favorite team's gear, you'll qualify for a free drink! Register for the tourney at

  • First Things First

    Thanks for a great season Rangers. It was an exciting roller coaster for sure!

    DJ Screech at Scruffy Duffies

    If you pop into Scruffies this month on a Thursday night, we hope you're ready to party, because DJ Screech is spinning your favorite grooves & literally, when he's using vinyl records. DJ Screech has been playing beats around Dallas for what seems like forever, and he knows how to read a crowd and get it pumped up, so be sure to join us on Thursdays and get your weekend vibes ready to go a day early. See all the stuff he's done on his site!

    Halloween is Coming 

    What's your costume gonna be? Every year our bars throw Halloween parties, and every year, some lucky, creative folks walk away with cold hard cash for having the best, funniest, and sexiest costumes. It could be you! Stay tuned for details!

  • Get Grub from Saintsbury Tavern Delivered!

    Great news, food fans! If you live in the vicinity of Saintsbury Tavern, you can now get your favorite Saintsbury pub grub brought right to your door! We're partnering with this new delivery service called Door Dash to bring our food (though sadly, not our drinks) to
    your home & it's pretty clutch if you're stuck at home and craving buffalo calamari or our meatloaf cupcakes, and it's available online or as an app, so you don't even need to open a laptop if you don't want to. Check out the Saintsbury Tavern delivery menu on the
    DoorDash site & looks like your first delivery is only a dollar, too!

    Calling All Rangers Fans!

    If you're a Rangers fan, this is a friendly reminder to get to your local Harder Concepts bar on Thursday for the first post-season game against Toronto! Feels great to say that, doesn't it? The game starts at 2:37p with Yovani Gallardo starting on the mound and Cole Hamels on deck. Wear your shirts and get some happy hour beers for Game 1 of the 2015 ALDS! 

  • Live Music Tuesdays

    Tito's Tuesdays

    Tito's Tuesdays at Scruffy Duffies

    Just gonna throw this out there, but maybe we should change the name of this month to Rocktober & every Tuesday in October, Scruffy Duffies is teaming up with Tito's Vodka to host live music from 8p to midnight on our brand new stage! We'll have Big Daddy Band on October 6, Awesome Sauce on the 13th, Jamey Garner on the 20th, and Whiskey Richards on October 27th. Plus, there's no cover charge and $5 Tito's cocktails!

    Southern Tier Brewing Company Pint Night!

    Ever heard of Southern Tier? Reps from the New York-based brewery will be in the house at the Mucky Duck on Thursday night (October 1) for a little pint night fun from 7-9p. We're tapping a keg of Southern Tier Pumking, an Imperial Pumpkin Ale (how's that for a new beer category?) weighing in with a stout-like ABV of 8.6%! It's a low-bitterness ale with hints of vanilla, clove, pecan, and wait for it€¦ PIE CRUST! And pumpkin, of course. Glassware comes free with your purchase. Kick off October with your new favorite seasonal brew!

  • Hoist a Stein of Sam Adams for a Chance to be on Kimmel!

    How long can you hold one of those big beer steins, do you think? Sam Adams is sending two national stein-hoisting champions to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, and they'll be at the Mucky Duck and Addison Ice House tonight (Wednesday, 9/23) and Scruffy Duffies Thursday night looking for the best at holding huge draft beers & whomever can hoist (one-handed) one of those big ol' one-liter Adams steins above the bar the longest wins a trip for two to Jimmy Kimmel Live to compete in the finals! Check out Sam Adam's site for more details!

    Harder Concepts Video

    Hey friends and soon-to-be-friends: check out this fun promo video we made & if you're a regular, there's a good chance you're in it! While you search for familiar faces, stick around to the end for a little preview of our next venture, Brian's Red Bus!

  • addison-ice-house-turns-two

    You gotta love Addison for its commitment to throwing huge annual bashes! As it happens, Oktoberfest is here & starting Thursday September 17 through Sunday September 20, Addison Circle will fill with the sights, sounds, and smells of Munich for its annual Oktoberfest celebration, and the Mucky Duck is teaming up with our neighbors Union Park to host the nightly after parties. Whether you go to the official shindig or come by later, we have outdoor bars, live music, and plenty of celebratory Oktoberfest beer for your seasonal prost-toasting.

    Speaking of Oktoberfest beers, we'll be kicking off the party on Thursday evening at 6:30p with a tapping of Karbach Brewery's Karbachtoberfest. You may know them from such can- and draft-hits like Sympathy for the Lager, Hopadillo, and Rodeo Clown Double IPA; Karbachtoberfest is a supremely drinkable 5.5% ABV Marzen beer, brewed in the Bavarian style with Vienna and Munich malts and Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. It's about as authentic as you can get without a trip to Germany, and we're selling them all weekend in ½ liter Oktoberfest steins for $9 and refilling the steins for $4 (or $8 if you have your own 1 liter stein, for any Oktoberfest we have tapped). See you this weekend! Lederhosen and dirndls optional but highly encouraged!

     Thursday Night Tri Shop Fun Run

    Tri Shop, the triathlete outfitter source just west of Sainstbury Tavern on Windhaven Parkway has found a way to get people active by organizing a weekly fun run. About a mile long and ending in beers, the fun run starts at Tri Shop every Thursday at 6:30p, where 20 to 30 joggers have been meeting to run down the block and grab a beer at Sainstbury Tavern. It's a fun way to meet people, and if you're one of those folks who count calories, a jog before beers is right up your alley. Lace up those shoes and get ready to raise your heartrate before you raise a cold one!

  • Paint the Pint on Thursday Night!

    Time flies when you're having fun, so it's almost hard to believe we're celebrating our second anniversary, but here we are, about to throw a big party. On Sunday, September 13, swing by Addison Ice House for our bash, featuring a whole-hog cookout, live music, drink specials, and even a dunking booth! All that, plus the Cowboys' season opener, not to mention the Jets' season opener, too & don't forget that Addison Ice House is also the official North Dallas Jets-watching headquarters! Come hungry and get ready to party with us on Sunday!

    Svedka Vodka Promo

    Hey peeps, if you need an excuse to go to happy hour, the Svedka Vodka promo team will be handing out samples at Scruffy Duffies and Ringo's Pub on Friday night. Of course there will be the usual delicious drafts and our new menu at Ringo's Pub, so come by and hang out for some a top-shelf vodka goodness!

  • Rock out at Scruffy Duffies Thursday Night

    Good news, fans of rock! The Mullet Boyz will be taking you back to the hard rockin’ ’80s at Scruffy Duffie’s on Thursday night – if you like AC/DC, Def Leppard, the Scorpions, and all the other stuff that sounds best blasting out of a Camaro in a high school parking lot, don’t miss this band! They throw in a lot of current hits, too! The Mullet Boyz kick out the jams after Thursday Night Football – come watch the Cardinals and 49ers before you rock out!

    October is National Pizza Month

    Besides Halloween and the World Series (and the first week of the NBA season!), October is also National Pizza Month! To whoever decides what days these holidays fall upon, we raise a slice to you – especially on each Wednesday in October, when Scruffy Duffies offers free pizza by the slice from 5-7p. Wrap up your October hump days with free pizza during happy hour!

    TX/OU Weekend…

    …is this coming weekend! Join us on Saturday for one of college football’s greatest rivalries, a time-honored tradition of historic gridiron battles and notorious college football heroes. The next best thing to being at the Cotton Bowl is watching Texas play the Sooners at a bar with your friends. Kickoff is at 11a on Saturday. See y’all then!