Monthly Archives: October 2018

Halloween Is Tonight!

Wednesday night is Halloween, which means you can wear that awesome Spongebob/Hot Dog/Banana/Pirate/Jason-Witten-As-Commentator costume one more time – after all, the best Halloweens are the ones where you get lots of mileage out of your get-up. Chances are good that the staff at each Harder Concepts location will be wearing their costumes too, possibly even…
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Halloween Season Draws Near!

Halloween is a week away, and your spooky pals at Harder Concepts have cooked up a witch’s brew of fun activities for the weekend, so all you ghouls and ghosts can get your groove on at North Dallas’ best family of party rockin’ bar and grills. So, without further ado (or a-boo, because Halloween puns),…
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10/27 Halloween Party at Ringo’s Pub

We're celebrating Halloween Saturday, October 27th at Ringo's Pub! Cash Prizes in our Costume Contest: $250 Grand Prize $100 Funniest $100 Sexiest Live DJ, Drink Specials, and Free Candy! October 27, 2018, 8:00p
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