Monthly Archives: October 2018

Halloween Is Tonight!

Wednesday night is Halloween, which means you can wear that awesome Spongebob/Hot Dog/Banana/Pirate/Jason-Witten-As-Commentator costume one more time โ€“ after all, the best Halloweens are the ones where you get lots of mileage out of your get-up. Chances are good that the staff at each Harder Concepts location will be wearing their costumes too, possibly even…
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Halloween Season Draws Near!

Halloween is a week away, and your spooky pals at Harder Concepts have cooked up a witchโ€™s brew of fun activities for the weekend, so all you ghouls and ghosts can get your groove on at North Dallasโ€™ best family of party rockinโ€™ bar and grills. So, without further ado (or a-boo, because Halloween puns),…
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10/27 Halloween Party at Ringo’s Pub

We're celebrating Halloween Saturday, October 27th at Ringo's Pub! Cash Prizes in our Costume Contest: $250 Grand Prize $100 Funniest $100 Sexiest Live DJ, Drink Specials, and Free Candy! October 27, 2018, 8:00p
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