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Summer Starts This Friday!

The summer solstice happens on Friday, and while we won’t get quite as many hours of daylight as a place like Fairbanks, Alaska (which will get sunlight for almost 24 hours), it is the longest day of the year, and we can expect to see the sun for almost 15 hours, meaning the mood and…
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Will The Raptors Pounce On The Warriors’ Dynasty?

We’re not gonna lie – we pretty much expected the Warriors to wrap the Raptors up like a burrito and gulp up a championship in four bites, but that scrappy Canadian dino-boys have managed to run this thing, though game five showed that the Warriors still have plenty of the eye-popping magic that’s made them…
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Chill Out, Harder Concepts Style

And by style, we mean on a patio, with a cold drink in your hand, smiling from behind a pair of sunglasses. The following assumption probably isn’t historically accurate, but we like to think that the outdoor patio was invented for margaritas. Eh, it’s probably vice versa, but either way, the only drink possibly more…
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Stanley Cup and NBA Finals!

You know the year is flying by when you look at the sports news on your phone and realize that it’s already time for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals unless you’re a die-hard hockey fan, in which case you already know all about it. But for those of us who mostly tune in…
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