Addison Ice House Pub Crawl

Join your friends at Addison Ice House on Saturday for a fun little holiday pub crawl that includes a commemorative t-shirt! The bus leaves the Ice House at 7p; from there it makes drink stops at the Mucky Duck, Shuck and Jive, Memphis Night Club, the Back 9, and back to Addison Ice House, where you can grab one more night cap and watch the Vitruvian Lights. To get a seat on the bus, call 972- 218-0921.

Holiday Catering is Available

Need to feed a big group of people this holiday season? Let Ringo's or Scruffy Duffies do the cooking! Our catering menu offers a wide variety of apps, mains, and desserts, and each feeds 8-10 people (if you have way more people than that coming to your party, we'll be happy to scale it up for you). From mini calzones, pigs-in-blankets, and mini meatballs to slider trays, mac and cheese (tossed with bangers and peas), pizza, and fireball whiskey chicken salad, we offer plenty of great grub to make your holiday party a huge hit. Contact our catering director Tia Carpenter at 469-795-0724 or email catering@harderconcepts to put in your order!

Warm up with Hot Cider

Let's say it's a cold night and the walk from the parking lot to the front door of one of our bars is a lot chillier than you expected & you're in luck because we are offering hot cider at all of our locations. Warm up with a cup before you chill out with a beer!