Call a T/O on Holiday Hustle with a Drink!

If y’all have figured out a way to make the holidays easy, please, let us know. But in the meantime, you can always decompress from holiday stress at your favorite Harder Concepts location – lunch and/or happy hour are great opportunities to take a breather with a bite and a beer! And each location has weeknight specials, so be sure to ask your server what the nightly offer is. The holiday season is supposed to be fun, and we’re here to help! In closing: Remember Harder Concepts when you’re looking for holiday cheer, snacks, and beer!

Have Y’all Heard of this Football Thing?

You’ve heard of this popular activity known as “watching football,” right?  If you’re new to his hobby, it typically takes place on Sunday (though there are also games on Monday night, Thursday night, and all day on Saturday), and here in North Texas, watching football is centered around a local team known as the Dallas Cowboys – you may have actually heard of them since their nickname is “America’s Team” – and they are playing the Philadelphia Eagles at 3:25p. The Cowboys are currently in first place in their division, so lots of people are even more excited about them than usual! Every Harder Concepts location celebrates this team no matter how they play, so please join us on Sunday afternoon – we love football, so of course we will have the other Sunday games on for your viewing pleasure. Another favorite team around here is the Houston Texans, and their Sunday game kicks off at noon. And then there’s a team from faraway New York called the Jets. Even though they aren’t from Texas, they have fans here, who congregate at Addison Ice House to watch their team at the weekly Official Jets Watching Party. And this Sunday, the Jets fan club is doing a toy drive to help underprivileged kids have a nice Christmas. If you’d like to participate, please bring an unwrapped toy or gift card that’s appropriate for kids (either one between $10 and $20) to the Jets Christmas Party, which starts at noon this Sunday.

Monday Margaritas!

This coming Monday (12/10), Scruffy Duffies is starting a weekly margarita special – Margarita Mondays feature $5 Patron margaritas (on the rocks) with an optional $3 Anejo Tequila floater. And if you’re in the mood for pizza, Mondays also feature dine-in pies for half-price!