College Football Is Back!

Along with the halls of higher education opening up all over the country this week, the fields of NCAA football glory are ready to ring out with the sounds of battle. College football is back, baby, and we are as excited as ever – watching future football greats play their hearts out for the love of the game, their school, and the chance to make it to the next level arguably makes for the best kind of football, so join us every Saturday at all five Harder Concepts locations to catch your favorite schools’ squads vie for Bowl-game bragging rights! See y’all this weekend!

Last Week of Preseason Football!

Thursday night’s games kick off the last weekend of preseason football, and the Cowboys play the Bucs at 7p. How you feelin’ ’bout dem ’Boys? And in case you didn’t know, the regular season starts a week from Thursday, and the Cowboys regular-season opener against the Giants on Sunday, September 8th at 3:30p! We look forward to seeing your fun fan faces for the next 20 weeks!

Party Harder This Weekend!

While summer doesn’t technically end until September 20, Labor Day Weekend is kind of the last part of the season. Yeah, we know it’ll still be hot for another month, but school has started, Oktoberfest beers are in the coolers at your favorite bars, and pumpkin spice makes its annual reappearance on coffee shop chalkboards. Anyway, seeing as how this is the last hurrah of 2019’s summer season, why don’t you drop by your favorite Harder Concepts location on Saturday or Sunday? You do have that day off on Monday, after all. Let’s all kick it together and raise a beer to another summer’s conclusion.