Come On Feel the Noise! More Live Music at Saintsbury Tavern!

Imagine being 21 years old in 1982€¦ living in Los Angeles, driving an IROC, listening to KROQ, cruising up and down the Sunset Strip, the wind rattling through the Aquanet in your hair€¦ If you can imagine the songs coming out of your tape deck, chances are Red Leather knows 'em, and Dallas' premier hard-rockin' party band is gonna be at Saintsbury Tavern on Friday night to take you back to the age of when the €œumlaut€ meant more than a confusing way to pronounce vowels. Blasting the hits of Ratt, AC/DC, Van Halen and more, they're like a time machine that only goes to the awesomest of decades.

Save some room in your ears for Saturday night's show, though, because Awesome Sauce is back at Saintsbury Tavern to rock even more of your favorite '80s rock hits! €œJourney€ to the Colony to see where €œEvery Rose Has Its Thorn€ and think of other puns to make out of '80s song titles.

Down€¦ Set€¦ 

Hike on over to your favorite Harder Concept Location on Saturday and Sunday to catch college football and the NFL & each one will have the games and their menus are designed with maximum game-time enjoyment in mind. A lot of great bar snacks, in other words, plus huge selections of beers, including our very own Sir Elliott Pale Ale and Harder1 Lager & if you like session beers, Harder1 is right up your alley. Saturday's games kick off at 11a with Florida State at South Florida and Georgia at Ole Miss, plus a ton more throughout the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, the Cowboys and Bears kick off at 7:30p; if you're a Jets fan, catch your boys 3:30p at Addison Ice House, the official Jets bar of North Texas!