Coming Soon: The Brixton!

If you know anything about Harder Concepts founders Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot, it’s that they love live music at least as much as they love good beer. This spring, they’ll be channeling their fervor for both in their latest project at the Shops at Legacy, a massive nightclub called the Brixton! The brothers have partnered with Rock Star Chef Patrick Stark in a concept that blends the chef-driven bites and craft beer of your favorite Harder locations with the apportionments of a major music venue – think upscale small bite plates with locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, indoor and outdoor viewing areas, and a 25-foot stage, all wrapped up in ’70s British punk décor. Stay tuned, because your favorite local acts are gonna be rockin’ the house – and projected on the 15-by-9-foot LED screen, the biggest club TV in all of Dallas.

Saintsbury Tavern’s New Menu

Chef Stark has been busily whipping up some new eats for Saintsbury Tavern; we’re excited because the new menu has a “Fit Foodies” section where you’ll find stuff like quinoa protein bowls, a new healthy wrap (called the Body Wrap), an awesome caprese salad, and a plate called the Spiralizer, made with delicious squash spiral noodles. But if you’re down to save the healthy stuff for someone else, you’ll love items like our B-Mac & Cheese Burger (bacon, mac ’n cheese, 8oz beef patty, American cheese, brioche bun), or the Big Montana pizza, topped with shaved roast beef, queso, caramelized onions, French fries, and our signature Saintsbury red sauce. Pop in and ask your server what’s new!