Conference Championship Sunday!

While we wish last Saturday had had a different outcome, we’d like to thank the Cowboys for a great season all the same. It was a good run, and like we say every season, can’t wait ’til next year! NFL football goes on, of course, and we are still stoked about the conference championship games this Sunday – sure, it would be awesome if the Cowboys were playing instead of the Rams, but now we have a reason to root for the Saints! The NFC championship game is on at 2p, and the AFC game is at 5:40p. Each Harder Concepts location will be open, so get your pre-game going early with a bite and some beers. See y’all this Sunday!

“I’ll take trivia time for $100, Alex.”

When your brain is bursting with fun facts, where do you go to showcase all that knowledge? A chance to compete on Jeopardy! is every trivia head’s pie-in-the-sky dream, but until you get to suit up and phrase your responses in the form of a question for ole’ Alex Trebek, there are Harder Concepts’ trivia nights, held on Tuesdays at Ringo’s Pub in Plano and at Addison Ice House, and on Wednesdays at the Mucky Duck in Addison. Sign-ups at each spot are at 7:30p, so get your team to your table and get ready to smart it up for fun prizes and bragging rights!