Cowboys Hosts the Texans in Preseason!

This Lone Star State rivalry isn’t as heated as say, the Cowboys and the Redskins or the Cowboys and the Eagles, but it’s still a good game to get excited about, so get excited and grab a seat at your favorite Harder Concepts location before 6p on Saturday – all five locations will have the game on, some come by for dinner and drinks and celebrate the wonderful gift that is preseason football. Remember when there wasn’t such a thing, when you had to wait another month for the NFL season to start? That era was practically medieval! See you Saturday!

Hot Enough For Ya?

Whether you’re totally over summer and can’t wait for the three weeks of jacket weather between the end-of-July-through-beginning-of-October’s eyeball-broiling heat and winter’s ever-present whisper of surprise ice storms, or you wish it would hit triple digits in January and stay that way forever and ever, we can all agree that nothing beats the heat like a cold beverage in an air-conditioned bar, preferably during happy hour after a day of slogging it out with the ole’ 9-to-5. Each Harder Concepts location has its own happy hour deals, so pop in to your favorite spot and see what’s cheap between 3p and 7p. There’s always something cold, liquid, and alcoholic on special, perfect for cooling you down.

The Last Sunday BBQ Of The Summer!

This Sunday, wrap up your weekend and the summer season with Saintsbury Tavern’s final Sunday Summer BBQ party – per usual, $5 gets you a heaping plate of brisket, sausage, and baked beans, and there will drink specials and live music to go with that awesome dinner bargain. Join us around 5p for supper and grab some grub before it’s all gone. See y’all this Sunday! Let’s step out of summer and into September with a nice lil’ bbq bash!