Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavs Playoffs at all 5 Harder Concepts Locations

What a great time to be a fan of Dallas sports & the Stars and Mavs are both in the playoffs, and even the Rangers are on top right now! The less said about that first Mavs game the better, but as long as they and/or the Stars continue to be post-season contenders, we'll be serving Miller Lite at a discount & $2.50 for pints, and $3 for bottles & at all five Harder Concepts locations! 

Additionally, you'll want to keep your eyes on Addison Ice House's Facebook page and our Instagram; we're working out the details, but we're gonna throw a lil' Official Stars Watching Party. Keep your fingers crossed for our local boys' continued success in their quest for the Stanley Cup! 

Mmmmm€¦ Pretzels€¦

Tuesday, April 26 is National Pretzel Day. If you get €œtwisted€ for the taste of buttery, pretzelly goodness, be sure to try our Ringo's burger, because it comes on a delicious pretzel bun. Besides Ringo's Pub, you can chomp on one at Addison Ice House, too.  

Of course, you might also want to celebrate National Pretzel Day with a classic, in which case, head to the Mucky Duck or Scruffy Duffies for one of our giant beer pretzels, served with white queso and spicy gourmet mustard. Just be sure to grab a napkin & we'll let you know if you get any of those dips on the corner of your mouth!