Eating, Drinking, and Partying Harder

One of writer Oscar Wilde’s most famous quotes about enjoying life is “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” We think you can achieve that goal by actually going Harder. Not like two shots at a time after you’ve had four already, but by coming to a Harder Concepts location, getting something off our chef-driven menus (the sriracha bbq nachos at Scruffy Duffies are a must-try), and pairing it with a craft beer, you can have a mellow time enjoying a moderate amount of food and drink, but you’ll still be “partying Harder,” than you would anywhere else. For upscale takes on comfort food favorites and a brew selection curated by real beer nerds, drop by your local Harder Concepts hangout spot. We’ll be happy to help with your personal growth by putting something delicious in your belly!

NFL Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is on Sunday at 7p, and we’d love to have you over for beers. After all, it’s a fun game to watch with your friends, and it’s interesting to see which players appear to have partied kinda hard the night before, as well as see your favorite players who won’t appear in the Super Bowl play when the season’s pressure no longer applies. It’s also football, and after the Super Bowl, there will be no more games until August, so you might as well cram one more into your mental replay bank, right? Grab an appetizer sampler, some shots, and some local craft drafts and hang out with us for the most casual game of the
NFL season.