End of the Week Brings Free Food!

If there's one prevailing theme behind every Harder Concept location, it's that beer and snacks go together like ice and penguins, milk and cookies, and Jerry Jones and distorted views of reality. During the month of July, we're celebrating that fact by offering free happy hour tacos every Thursday at the Mucky Duck and Saintsbury Tavern, as well as free happy hour pizza every Friday at Scruffy Duffies. If you live somewhere in Addison Circle, Austin Ranch, or Legacy Towne Center, this is a great bonus! Make plans to pop in for a drink and a free bite this week on your way home from work (or after you let your dogs out)! 

Ringo's FTW 

That means €œfor the win,€ right? Anyway, we have exciting news about Ringo's Pub & we're proud to announce that they've recently been named the Best Beer Selection in Plano! Now you know where to go when you've tried every beer on the menu at the other stops along your cruise for brews & if you've heard of a beer but can't find it elsewhere, chances are good we have it! And if we don't carry a beer you're looking for, please let us know so we can try to find it. We love new beers as much as you do!