FC Dallas Watch Party!

As if there isn’t enough awesome soccer action going on right now, we’re “kicking” even more your way this weekend with an FC Dallas Watch Party at Scruffy Duffies this Saturday! Our boys are in New York to play the Red Bulls, so we thought it would be fun to get the fans together to watch an away game from the comfort of your favorite brews ’n bites hangout. Of course, getting together with fellow fans to watch a game is cool and all, but we’re making it an Official Occasion by bringing in the FC Dallas Girls and FC Dallas Drum, and Tex Hooper and the team reps will be tossing out some sweet giveaways and prizes! The match starts at 5p, so join us on Saturday afternoon to watch FC Dallas rock NY!

VNYL’s Grand Opening!

Get ready to get your groove on, North Dallas, because VNYL’s grand opening is finally here! While we were bummed to shut the doors on the Brixton, we’re super stoked to reopen the space as VNYL, and we’re ready to offer y’all a signature nightclub experience with killer cocktails and tight jams courtesy DFW’s top DJs, many of who spin actual vinyl records! It’s old skool style in a thoroughly modern setting, and you’re gonna wanna look your best for this opening weekend party. VNYL gets going on Thursday, and the grand opening party goes off every night! See you there!