First Things First

Thanks for a great season Rangers. It was an exciting roller coaster for sure!

DJ Screech at Scruffy Duffies

If you pop into Scruffies this month on a Thursday night, we hope you're ready to party, because DJ Screech is spinning your favorite grooves & literally, when he's using vinyl records. DJ Screech has been playing beats around Dallas for what seems like forever, and he knows how to read a crowd and get it pumped up, so be sure to join us on Thursdays and get your weekend vibes ready to go a day early. See all the stuff he's done on his site!

Halloween is Coming 

What's your costume gonna be? Every year our bars throw Halloween parties, and every year, some lucky, creative folks walk away with cold hard cash for having the best, funniest, and sexiest costumes. It could be you! Stay tuned for details!