Half Price Food at Saintsbury Tavern

Saintsbury Tavern's Chef Isidro is debuting a new menu, and we're celebrating with half-price food through Friday! Whether you're craving pizza, tacos, burgers, or your favorite bar snacks and apps, you'll find something to munch on at Saintsbury & and this week, for super cheap! Make that mid-month paycheck go a little farther this month! Join us for a bite at Saintsbury Tavern!

Rockstar Karaoke

Rockstar Karaoke is coming to Scruffy Duffies! If you don't care who catches you belting out 38 Special songs while driving your car, you'll want to take over lead singer duties on the stage at Scruffy Duffies June 21, when Rockstar Karaoke's live-band karaoke brings the show to the Shops at Legacy. Better warm up those pipes! Come sing your favorite hits!

Game 6 is Thursday! 

Were you surprised by game 5? The Warriors losing at home??? This season's NBA Championship has turned out to be way more interesting than we thought it would be! And now, with Draymond Green suspended, there's even conspiracy theories afoot. Do you think he got benched by the league to help out Cleveland? Talk amongst yourselves over some beers while you wait for the tipoff. Game 6 starts at 8p on Thursday night. Come hang out!