Halloween Is Tonight!

Wednesday night is Halloween, which means you can wear that awesome Spongebob/Hot Dog/Banana/Pirate/Jason-Witten-As-Commentator costume one more time – after all, the best Halloweens are the ones where you get lots of mileage out of your get-up. Chances are good that the staff at each Harder Concepts location will be wearing their costumes too, possibly even some Halloween-night exclusives, so get ready to snap some pics Instagram! Lastly, each Harder Concepts location has its own Wednesday night deal, so be sure to ask your server what tonight’s special is. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Down, Set, Drink!

College football is in full swing, and while we’re kinda bummed that TCU is having one of those seasons, we’re still stoked about Texas, who are tied for first with Oklahoma and West Virginia. The ranking will change one way or another on Saturday, however, since Texas and West Virginia face each other at 2:30p. Of course, we’re rooting for the Longhorns, so be sure to join us at your favorite Harder Concepts location to catch the game. Other games you might be interested in: Ohio State and Nebraska at 11a, Utah and Arizona State at 3p, and Oklahoma and Texas Tech at 7p. See y’all on Saturday!

Cowboys Are On Monday Night Football This Week!

Finally, one more football update: as you can see from the headline, the ’Boys are on this week’s Monday Night Football broadcast, playing the Titans at 7:15p. Do you miss the old Hank Williams Jr. theme song? Good thing there’s YouTube, right? Join us for this time-honored Monday night football tradition. We’ll have a cold beer waiting for you.

Don’t Forget About the Time Change!

Oh yeah, one more thing: the switch from Daylight Savings Time back to standard is on Sunday, and while your phone may update its clock on its own, your microwave still needs your help. Don’t forget to set your old school timekeepers back an hour!