If you’re getting costumed and going out for Halloween, we hope you add a stop at your favorite Harder Concepts location to your evening’s itinerary. And if you’re going out in your regular clothes, we’d love to see you, too – either way, we are scaring up a fun time. No tricks just treats in the form of beers, cocktails, and great food, and if you go to the Mucky Duck or Saintsbury Tavern, you’ll get some free tacos with your purchase of a drink!

Sleep in, Then Come See Us for Brunch!

Your phone is probably kind enough to lead you through the return to Central Standard Time, but just in case you forgot, Sunday is 2019’s “fall back” day. Use that extra hour of sleep to rest up for an afternoon of brunch, beers, and football!

Cowboys on Monday Night Football!

Them ’Boys are headed to the Meadowlands this week to try to slay the Giants, and while we’re not too worried – the Giants’ 2-6 record is not too scary – we’re still sending all our winning-est vibes to the Cowboys as they line up on MetLife’s frigid battleground Monday night. Of course, our winning-est vibes are made even, um, winning-er when they’re paired with yours, so please join us for this week’s game and think positive thoughts along with us for an impenetrable Cowboys defense and a big win over New York. If beers and snacks help your psychic abilities or whatever it is that transmits that mental energy through the TV to our guys on the field, we are happy to help you out with those, too. Turns out we love beer and snacks almost as much as we love the Cowboys. Monday night’s kickoff is at 7:15p. See y’all then!