Happy Halloween!

You get that Halloween costume finished yet? We hope your get-ups are up to competitive speed by the weekend, because on Saturday night, we are tossing some serious prize money to the best, funniest, and sexiest costumes at all five Harder Concepts Bars & the biggest bash is the Halloween Costume Party team-up between Scruffy Duffies and Ringo's Pub (located in Plano's Shops at Legacy), where they're giving away a combined total of $3,000 total to the winners. Don't be scared to strut your stuff in Addison or The Colony, because the Mucky Duck, Addison Ice House, and Saintsbury Tavern all have parties with spooky-good cash prizes, too & and Saintsbury Tavern has local hip-hop cover band Hip Hop Hooray at their party, so you'll get to hear your favorite classic party jams in person! We can't wait to see what y'all are dressed as this year!

Oh, and one more thing: Book your Lyfts and Ubers early, because nothing is scarier on Halloween than a trip to jail!

Speaking of Hip Hop Hooray€¦

€¦Hip Hop Hooray is bringing their live performance hip-hop party to Scruffy Duffies this Thursday night (10/27). Put your hands in the air and wave 'em like there's a rescue helicopter in the air! Yes, we can make a gin and juice.

The World Series is in Full Swing 

As if 2016 couldn't get any more memorable, the Cubbies are finally back in the Series & is there anyone still living who saw their last World Series appearance? For baseball fans, this is a spectacular event & and if you're feeling that baseball magic, head to your favorite Harder Concepts location to catch the games. Game 3 is on Friday, October 28, starting at 6:08p & come over for happy hour and stay for the World Series!