Happy Independence Day!

From all of us at Harder Concepts, we hope your Independence Day is full of friends, fam, dogs (both the furry, barking kind and the ones you put on the grill), beers, fireworks, and toasts to the greatest country in the world. We love America, and we’re lucky to be here!

Back to Regularly Scheduled Party Times on Thursday

Each Harder Concepts location is closed for the July 4th holiday, but we’ll be back in action at regular opening times on Thursday. Also on Thursday: free tacos at the Mucky Duck and Saintsbury Tavern. Buy a drink, grab a taco, say hello to your friends between mouthfuls of deliciousness! See y’all on the 5th!

World Cup Continues!

There’s about another week and a half of World Cup action, with the quarterfinal games starting on Friday with France and Uruguay at 9a. You’ll have to catch that one at home, but Ringo's Pub will be open in time for the match between Brazil and Belgium at 1p. If you think in terms of food, that game will be like acai berries on a thick, puffy waffle. Or chimichurri sauce on a thick, puffy waffle, whichever you prefer.