Harder BBQ Party This Sunday!

We’re throwing down this Sunday at Saintsbury Tavern with another BBQ party on the patio! For only five bucks will get you a big ole’ plate of brisket, sausage, coleslaw, and barbecue beans, made with our secret Harder Concepts recipe. The party gets going at 5p, which means that a $5 plate of barbecue-y goodness is a helluva dinner deal, but that’s not all – the patio party also features live music and drink specials all day long. Come by for the brisket, stay for some cheap beers and live tunes! See y’all Sunday evening!

Why Yes, We Are Ready For Some Football!

The regular season is still a few weeks away, but we are so glad football is back in action that even these preseason games are like jumping in a pool after a long, hot day. No matter which Harder Concepts location you visit, we always have games on, whether its NFL or NCAA, and we are more than stoked when you and buddies come by for a game-watching get-together. We hope you join us and raise some beers to America’s favorite sport!