Harder Concepts’ Halloweekend Parties and Prizes!

What’s up, goblins and ghouls? Are you ready to dress to impress us with scary-good costumes? You’re gonna wanna pull out all the stops this year, because we’re giving away almost $6,000 in costume contest cash prizes across five Harder Concepts locations this Saturday! Ringo’s Pub, the Mucky Duck, and Saintsbury Tavern are awarding $250 prizes for the funniest costumes, $250 for the sexiest ones, and $500 grand prizes for the best overall. Scruffy Duffies is doubling down on those with $500 funniest, $500 sexiest, and $1000 for the best overall, and the Brixton is throwing down $250 for third place, $500 for second place, and a whopping $2000 for the best – if you’ve got a good get up, you could turn it into serious cash!  Not only that, Scruffy Duffies party is hosted by none other than the Ticket’s Donovan Lewis. There will be DJs and drink specials at Ringo’s Pub, Scruffy Duffies, the Mucky Duck, and Saintsbury Tavern, and Awesome Sauce is rocking the Brixton’s party with your favorite ’80s rock jams! You’ll also want to drop by the Brixton on Friday night to catch OverDrive’s live versions of a huge variety of hits!

Spice Up Your Sunday with Pepper Theft!

Need an excuse to get extra mileage out of your Halloween costume? Drop by the Brixton on Sunday for brunch, stay for the Cowboys game at 3:30p, and then hang out after the game for DFW’s best Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute, Pepper Theft!