Holiday Hustle Time!

As the store décor has stated, the time for Holiday Hustle is upon us, which means you probably have a good amount of stress and extra to-do list items added to your routine. In order to keep your good cheer, you need to blow off that steam, whether its from workplace end-of-the-year crunch time, lengthy shopping lists, visiting relatives, or a hundred other holiday hassles. Breaking for a bite to eat, grabbing happy hour drinks with friends, or going out on the town and chilling at a bar is a great way to avoid Grinching out over the next six weeks, and your favorite Harder Concepts locations are happy to help with all those activities. Be sure to come see us when you need a respite from rushing around in the name of Holiday have-to’s!

Lights at Legacy is on Sunday

Temps are falling and Burl Ives is calling, so really, the only thing left to make the holiday season official is to light those trees. On Sunday, the Shops at Legacy will be kicking off the Holidays with their annual Lights at Legacy ceremony, in which that big ol’ tree will come alive with the magic of electric color. It’s a sight to behold, after which, you should totally drop by Ringo’s Pub or Scruffy Duffies to start the Diwali-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-party time with a celebratory beer and/or cocktail!