How ’bout them ’Boys??? We know every post-season win always feels huge for this team, but darn it—it feels good to be… What? Cautiously optimistic? Full-throttle stoked? Wherever you fall in the emotional spectrum of Cowboys fandom, you at least have to feel that tingle of excitement that the dream is alive again. The game against the Rams is on Saturday at 7:15p, and while you can certainly watch it at home, we would love for you to join your friends at your favorite Harder Concepts location to cheer on America’s Team as they fight to keep this season’s Super Bowl hopes alive. With some luck and the skill of Dak, Zeke, et al, maybe you’ll get to celebrate another W! See y’all Saturday. GO COWBOYS!

Feelin’ Special?

What are you doing after work? Going to happy hour? Sweet! We’ll be there, too, ready to pour you a cold beer or refreshing cocktail. Whether you’re in Plano, Addison, or Austin Ranch, there’s a Harder Concepts spot ready for you to get settled and unwind after you finish your daily grind. Each location offers a weekday happy hour from 3-7p, plus exclusive daily specials. Be sure to ask your server or bartender what the day’s deal is!