It’s the Final (Four) Countdown…

College basketball’s whirlwind of a season comes to its conclusion on Monday night with the Championship game, and leading up to that is the semi-finals between the Final Four teams, and if we’re being honest, we are kind of surprised to see Texas Tech’s logo in the bracket – not in a bad way, but when you think about the Final Four, you usually think about names like Duke and Gonzaga. Whether you think Texas Tech is a Cinderella story or not, we are stoked to root for them as they take on Michigan State Saturday night at 7:49p. We’ll have the game on at all five Harder Concepts locations, and if you’re a Spartans fan, you’re in luck because Saintsbury Tavern is the official north Dallas watch party location for Michigan State – get there early and get a seat with a good view of a TV, because we bet there are more than a few Texas Tech fans who live in and around Austin Ranch. Also, prior to that game is the other Final Four game between Auburn and Virginia; it starts at 5p. As for the championship game, it takes place on Monday at 8p. Hope to see y’all for the conclusion of one of the wildest NCAA tournaments in a while!

Sunday is National Beer Day

If not for beer, we wouldn’t be in business, and that’s just one of the many benefits we can ascribe to the delicious, bubbly beverage we love so much. Whatever your favorite style, whatever your favorite brewery, whether you prefer draft to can, can to bottle, or are happy to drink beer out of a boot, join us this Sunday and raise a brew in tribute to beer. And as an added bonus, Sunday is when we do our weekly crawfish boil at Saintsbury Tavern, so come by and get yourself a pound of spicy freshwater critters and wash them down with a cold swallow of your favorite beer!