It’s Voting Time!

Don’t worry – these ballots won’t make for bitter Facebook debates and unfollows; they’re for Plano Magazine’s Best of Plano issue, and we’re proud to announce that both Ringo’s Pub and Scruffy Duffies are up for awards! To all our friends and fans, we would be honored if you took a couple of minutes to peruse the categories here and choose Ringo’s Pub for “Best Bar Food” and “Best Beer Selection,” as well as Scruffy Duffies for the “Best Live Music Venue” category. We’re in it to win it – last year, Ringo’s Pub took home the beer selection award, and we have y’all to thank. Do us a favor and check the boxes for Ringo’s Pub and Scruffy Duffies!

Cinco de Mayo Fiestas!

Since we’re on the topic of Ringo’s Pub and Scruffy Duffies, we’d like to let you know about la fiesta grande both bars are teaming up for this Friday, which, as your calendar may have already told you, is Cinco de Mayo. The party is gonna be sponsored by Dos Equis, Avion, and Olmecca, so be sure to grab a cold Dos Equis and one of those tequilas deliciosas – they’re smooth enough to sip on, though they’re just as good with a salt and lime. Celebrate Cinco de Drinko with your Harder Concepts friends!