Live Music at Saintsbury Tavern

Drop by Saintsbury Tavern in Austin Ranch on Saturday to catch the Walton Stout Band & and do a little dance, while you're at it! The Walton Stout Band has been playing fat grooves for parties for as long as we can remember, and we're thrilled for them to pump up the jams on Saturday night! Boogie over to Saintsbury and get down with us!

It's College Football Time!

Football season's funny, because you go seven months without any football, and then there's a little bit of football with the NFL pre-season, and then BOOM, the first weekend of college football rolls around, and suddenly there are a zillion games! Get to the bad part, right? 

Anyway, Thursday night kicks off college football season, though you'll probably want to head to your favorite Harder Concepts location to watch the last Cowboys pre-season game. But Friday, all you Big 12 fans will want to come over at 6:30p for Northwestern State at Baylor; Kansas State takes on Stanford at 8p, too. On Saturday, our bars will be open at 11a for OU at Houston, though we'll have the Ohio State game on, too. In fact, we put as many games on as possible on our TVs, so let us know which ones you wanna watch and we'll grab the remote controls for you!