March Madness Is Upon Us!

The Madness has begun, and time is running out to fill out your brackets! Here’s a link for a printable bracket (plus helpful and exciting videos and other content), so pick your teams and get ready for the annual college basketball championship scramble! We’ll have all the games on at all five locations, so be sure to pop in and catch some hoops – if you work on a laptop, come by for lunch and hook up to our WiFi for the afternoon! We’ll be sure to play dumb if your boss asks how many beers you had!

Lazy Sunday? Cruise On Over For Crawfish!

Ring in spring with some day-drinkin’ this Sunday – it’s supposed to be in the upper 70s, and we’ve been boiling up crawfish at Saintsbury Tavern on Sunday evenings, getting the get-together goin’ around 5p. Grab your gang and get to Saintsbury for a Sunday fun day patio hang!

And Before We Forget…

Big thanks to everyone who came out for our tenth annual St. Patrick’s Day party! We’re glad we had a couple of days to recover because it was a big party. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Here’s to planning next year’s bash!