Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Harder Concepts, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, full of family, friends, and good times with all. Togetherness is the best gift you can give, and it’s also the best one you can receive, and we are grateful that y’all have been getting together at our restaurants for the past ten years! We’ll be taking Christmas Eve and Christmas off to be with our own families, but we’ll see you on December 26th, ready to slide you a beer and a shot across the bar!

New Year’s Eve!

We’re going to be counting down the end of the year (and the decade) with some bangin’ NYE bashes at each Harder Concepts location, so stay tuned to this spot and our Facebook pages for details – wind down another year by turning up at your favorite Harder Concept bar and grill!


Per usual, the Cowboys season has been a rollercoaster of frustration and mad-at-Jerry vibes. We will watch our Boys forever and ever, even when the games are rough, the coaching decisions inscrutable, and the penalties are more of a feature than a bug. Sometimes it’s a tall order to be a fan. But if we should feel the cold, creeping sensation of sports despair seeping into our joints, take heart, because while the Cowboys are the Cowboys and Jerry Jones remains Jerry Jones, there is Luka and the Mavs. They play the Sixers on Friday night and the Raptors on Sunday afternoon. Come watch basketball and lift your sports spirits!