National Beer Lovers Day is Saturday!

If we’re being honest, every day is National Beer Lovers Day if you love beer and drink it regularly. But who doesn’t also love an excuse to raise a toast? Beer is a wonderful thing, one of human civilization’s earliest and greatest inventions, but as wonderful as it is, it has needed a devoted fanbase to rise from its humble beginnings in the cradle of civilization to the craft beer explosion that’s only getting bigger and better year after year. If you think of yourself as a beer lover or know someone who is, why not drop by your favorite Harder Concepts location this Saturday and salute yourself and your fellow brew aficionados with a can, bottle, or draft of your favorite beer? It’ll make a great pairing for watching college football, and it’s also a great reason to get together with your friends and enjoy your favorite beverage. Cheers!

The NFL Season Officially Begins!

Week 1 of the NFL’s 2019-2020 Official Season begins on Thursday, and we couldn’t be more stoked. We are pretty darn excited to watch the gridiron battles from the comfort of our family of bar and grill party spots. The season’s kickoff game is on Thursday night when the Bears host the Packers. That’ll be fun for sure, but we all know we’re really getting amped about the Dallas Cowboys’ season opener, which is on Sunday at 3:30p, when they host the New York Giants. For Cowboys fans, that game is easily the highlight of the whole week, and if you count yourselves among the worldwide Cowboys fan-mily, we hope you’ll join us at your nearest Harder Concepts location for beers, grub, and cheering on America’s Team with a bunch of your rowdy friends. See y’all this Sunday, and don’t forget about Monday night, when the Texans start their season off against the Saints at 6:30p!