National Beer Lover’s Day 

Today is National Beer Lovers Day, and we encourage you to celebrate by hoisting a pint (or several) at your favorite Harder Concepts bar and grill. In fact, while you're there, why not raise a pint (or several) of Sir Elliott's Pale Ale or Harder1 Lager? After all, they're two beers made by a local brewery (Noble Rey) to the specifications of Harder Concepts founders Jerry Elliott and Brian Harder, both of who are notable beer lovers themselves! Whatever delicious beer you choose, remember to drink it responsibly. Don't spill, and get a ride home if you need one!

Oh hay, NFL!

Oh how we've missed you, professional football! The off-season always seems so long & what the hell have we been talking about without football games to start conversations? The Olympics filled in the empty spaces for a while, but Ryan Locte jokes can only go so far, y'know? It just doesn't compare to daily updates of Cowboys drama.  

Anyway, speaking of the Cowboys, they start Week 1 on Sunday at 3:30p against the Giants. We're pulling for you Dak Prescott! We can't wait to see what you can do! If you're a Cowboys fan, please join us at any one of our locations to pre-game and send him good vibes & feel free to pile in, grab a bite and a beer, and enjoy the next sixteen weeks of NFL glory. By the way, for all you Jets fans keeping the dream alive in the Lone Star State, come meet some fellow fans at Addison Ice House & it's the official Jets watching location for North Texas.