National Margarita Day Is Friday!

The classic combo of tequila, lime juice, triple sec or Cointreau, and salt remains a fixture in every bar’s cocktail list. Friday is the annual celebration of this highly popular vehicle for tequila consumption, and we think it’s a great way to kick off the weekend – on the rocks at your favorite Harder Concepts location. Celebrate National Margarita Day Friday with a Harder Rita. Salud!

Saintsbury Tavern Has a Party Coming up!

Great news, folks: we are almost done with winter! Spring officially begins March 20, but we’re gonna get patio season going a little early with an afternoon get-together at Saintsbury Tavern’s Patio Kickoff Party on March 3. We’ll have more details for y’all as it gets closer to the date, but the hangout sesh features a gumbo cookoff and live music. What better way to say “peace, smell ya later, February!” than an outdoor party at a chill bar and grill? Mark your calendars for March 3rd and cross your fingers for some spring temps – rain or shine we’re throwin’ down, but you know how the saying goes: Sun’s out, guns out. Let’s get the warm weather party seasons off to a great start!