National Margarita Day is Tuesday 2/22!

Cross your fingers that this incredible weather will hold through Tuesday, because Tuesday is National Margarita Day, and margaritas are made for drinking outside. We were going to attribute that claim to the cocktail's origin story, but it turns out there are lots of competing claims to who first mixed tequila, orange liqueur, and sweet and sour over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. One involves a Dallas socialite making it up for the guests at a vacation home in Acapulco. Another story says it was a bartender at the late, great Balinese Room in Galveston that invented the drink for jazz legend Peggy Lee. Then there's the tale of Pancho Morales, a bartender at a spot in Juarez called Tommy's Place Bar. Though he left bartending to become a U.S. citizen and later a milkman, Mexican news agency Notimex thinks he has the strongest claim, tracing the drinks origins all the way back to 1942. 

Whomever made up margaritas, we're grateful for them. And if the weather is this great on Tuesday, you should join us on the patio of your nearest Harder Concept location. Of course, 'ritas are good indoors, too, so get your friends together and celebrate everyone's favorite tequila drink!