NFL Playoffs

We sure wish we were writing this about the Cowboys playing for the conference title. Oh well. It is what it is, but even with them out of the playoffs, the playoffs are still awesome – it’s pretty much the best football of the season. One question for you: who are you going for now? The Packers and Falcons play at 2:05p on Sunday, and the Steelers and Pats are on at 5:40p. Ugh, that’s a tough call, picking one of those teams. At least the Eagles aren’t in it! Anyway, we’re open at noon at most Harder Concepts locations for your playoff viewing pleasure (Ringo's Pub at 3p!) Come see us for beer and football, and if you go to Scruffy Duffies take a gander at the new menu – if you’re as undecided about gameday grub as you are about who to root for in a post-Cowboys post-season, go with the sampler!

Live Band Karaoke at Scruffy Duffies!

Maybe you’ve mastered the mic with a backing track at a dive bar, but coming soon to Scruffy Duffies you can be a rock star – Time Machine will be here to be your backing band! They’re ready to rock with a HUGE song list (it’s literally over 300 songs) with all of your favorite top jams from the realms of disco, pop, funk, rock, soul, and even some country hits, all from the past four decades. And if you want to memorialize your performance, Time Machine can even do a live recording of you entertaining your friends. Whether your pipes are star-quality or a little rusty, come by Scruffy Duffies and rock out soon!