North Texas, NFL Football is BACK!

Well, it's here on Saturday, anyway! The 'Boys are back in action this weekend, getting the gears grinding for their 2016-2017 season against the Rams at 7p. Of course, it is just a preseason game, but the wait between the last second of the Super Bowl and the next season's kickoff always seems so, so long when you're a diehard Cowboys fan like we are. Whatever this season brings, it starts this weekend & come watch the game on the big screens at your favorite Harder Concepts location! 


Along with the regular football season comes fantasy football season, which means you and your league buddies are gonna need a spot for your draft. Keep your eyes peeled to our social media because we'll be announcing some draft parties with great drink and food specials and other fun stuff. In the meantime, be sure to hang out for drinks, snacks, and whatever sport is going on in Rio at the 2016 Summer Olympics! Those judo medalists make it look so easy!