NTX Beer Week is Here!

It's Wednesday of NTX Beer Week, so we hope you've been by for some great local craft beers. Across all five of our locations, we've been enjoying watching our guests try new brews from independent,  North Texas beer makers & not to mention enjoying a few of these new brews ourselves!

NTX Beer WeekIn any case, be sure to stop by the Harder Concepts location nearest you for daily featured beers and specials. For example, Addison Ice House is celebrating 7 Pints for 7 Nights. That's seven days of seven different Pint Nights! Ringo's Pub has a Lakewood Temptress French Quarter, Grapevine Brewing Stocking Stuffer Winter Warmer, and Cobra Brewing Donut Dunker. Who doesn't like a beer with hints of doughnuts! At Scruffy Duffies they're pouring pints of Grapevine Brewery Sir Williams Brown Ale, Nine Band Brewery Pale Ale, Audacity Brewery Black Widow Stout, and Lakewood Punkel (a Pumpkin Dunkelweiss.)

 Be sure to check each of our location's calendars (here you go: The Mucky Duck, Ringo's Pub, Scruffy Duffies, Saintsbury Tavern, and Addison Ice House) for their individual NTX Beer Week offerings. It looks like your pint glass collection is about to get bigger! 

It's Party Planning Season!

If you hadn't noticed by the change of merchandise available in the seasonal aisles, the holidays are rapidly approaching. But before you freeze up under the prospect of having to make a bunch of snacks and mains, we're offering catering this year from Scruffy's and Ringo's. If you click here for catering, you can take a look at what our catering packages offer. And if you need a place to host a party, we have you covered on that, too, because all our locations (Mucky Duck, Addison Ice House, Ringo's Pub, Scruffy Duffy's, and Saintsbury Tavern) are available for rent; contact us if you'd like to book your holiday gathering with us!