October Is Here, and Halloween Is Near!

Though you can’t really tell by the weather, October is here, which means you have four weeks to plan and execute your Halloween costume. We always have rad Halloween parties with eye-popping prizes at each of our locations, but even if your costume is one of those “This Is My Costume” t-shirts, Harder Concepts’ Halloween is still fun. Start getting your gear up to spooky speed in time for the holiday today!

And of Course, There’s Still Football!

The one good thing about a Cowboys loss is that a week later, we all get to get our hopes up for a blue and silver victory. Unless it’s a bye week, of course, but that’s part of being a fan, right? If you didn’t have the ups and downs of every Cowboys season, would you love them as much?

Anyway, the ’Boys host the Packers this Sunday at 3:30p, and we are confident that game will go better than their trip to New Orleans did last weekend. As always, we hope you’ll join your friends at your favorite Harder Concepts location to catch the Cowboys game, as well as all the other NFL and NCAA games going on. Thursday through Monday, Harder Concepts’ bars and grills are your headquarters for football. Come hang out with us!