OverDrive LIVE at Saintsbury Tavern

We’re bringing the noise to Saintsbury Tavern this Friday (5/19) with OverDrive! Join your friends at Saintsbury for a rockin’ live music experience with OverDrive, as they treat your ears and body’s rhythm components (aka your feet and booties) to live renditions of top radio hits from all over the dial! The party gets going at 8p – don’t miss out on this awesome band!

Addison Gets Tasty Again!

This weekend is Taste of Addison, the annual celebration of everything that’s delicious in Addison. From small bites to big plates, Addison Circle will have something scrumptious for every diner, whether you’re a discerning gourmet or think the taquitos at Quik Trip are a-ok! No matter what you sample, be sure to drop by the Mucky Duck and wash it down with a cold pint of craft beer! See you on the Circle!

Cross Our Fingers, Hope to Win!

It’s been a week, so we figured we’d better bug y’all to vote in Plano Magazine’s Best of Plano awards again – the last day to vote is Friday, May 26, so please do us a favor and pick Ringo’s Pub for “Best Bar Food” and “Best Beer Selection,” and Scruffy Duffies for the “Best Live Music Venue” category. We take great pride in each Harder Concepts location, and we are proud to be nominated for things we care about – and we certainly care about beer and live music!