Pizza of the Week

Like a nice, piping hot pizza pie? Who doesn't, right? While just about everyone digs pizza, there are those of out there who are crazy for it. For those pizza super-fans in North Dallas, Scruffy Duffies has a new specialty €œPizza of the Week,€ available each week. Drop by and see what we're tossing, and don't forget your leftover slices & nothing beats cold pizza the morning after you've gone out!

NBA Championship 

Wednesday night is Game 3 and Friday night is Game 4, and if we're being honest, the Warriors look pretty unstoppable. Could be that this series wraps up this week, but anything can happen in Cleveland. C'mon, LeBron & we know you want that ring! No matter what, join us at your favorite Harder Concepts location to watch the games with some friends, drink some craft beer, and enjoy menus chock full of chef-driven comfort food, bar snacks, and other delicious munchables.

New Brunch Menu at Saintsbury Tavern

Whether or not you're keeping up with the Copa America Centenario, the US Men's National Team play Paraguay at 6p on Saturday night, which is as good an excuse as any to come by Sainstbury Tavern for some beers that evening. But if you're out and about that afternoon, stop by for a bite off the new brunch menu! You'll see some of your favorite classics, as well as some Harder Concept er€¦ brunch concepts. Hint: they go great with stouts!