Preseason Football Party!

It seemed like forever ago that the Super Bowl ended and we were left without football, but that’s silly because it returns every year at the beginning of August with the preseason games! The 2018-2019 season is officially a few weeks away, but the preseason games start Thursday night at 7p with the Ravens and Bears game! Of course, each Harder Concepts location will have the game on, but at Saintsbury Tavern, we’re starting the evening off with free tacos during happy hour – come by for some drinks and complimentary tacos, stay for the start of another spectacular season of the NFL!

Also on Thursday:

This Thursday, raise a glass of your favorite India Pale Ale for National IPA Day! We don’t know if this is statistically true or not, but anecdotally, IPAs seem to be the most popular craft beer style in America, so grab your buddies and come by for a draft or can of your favorite hoppy delight! BTW, what’s your favorite locally produced IPA? There’s a good chance we have it, so be sure to ask your server which ones are on tap and in the cooler!

And Then…

It’s International Beer Day on Friday! Whether you’re a fan of pales, IPAs, stouts, sours, wheats, lagers, pilsners, or the good ol’ fashioned staples from AB and Miller-Coors, let’s all cheer beer! It’s one of mankind’s oldest and greatest inventions, and the best way to celebrate it is to drink it! Belly up to the bar at your favorite Harder Concepts spot and have a couple!

And a Finally,

Emerald City is bringing their high-energy live band experience to VNYL on Friday night, so if you’ve been missing live music, pop in to party with this excellent, eclectic band! Emerald City is renowned for their spot-on renditions of your favorite pop hits from across the decades, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to get you in the party mood! The music starts at 8p! Get ready to dance!