Pro Bowl!

We still have a week or so before the Battle Between the Chiefs and the 49ers, so in the meantime, there’s the Pro Bowl. We like the Pro Bowl. It makes us wonder if we can swing a trip to whatever tropical location the game is held at. Hawaii is better than Florida, but Florida is cheaper and easier to get to. No matter where your vacation dreams take you, tune into the Pro Bowl (live from Camping World Stadium in Orlando) with us on Sunday at 2p. It’s the second-to-last NFL game of the season – don’t miss it!

Saintsbury Chili Cookoff!

Harder Concepts’ annual chili cookoff is this Sunday when local chili aficionados bring their cauldrons of savory, spicy meat magic to Saintsbury Tavern. The entry fee is only $10, and the winner takes all. You can submit your chili (bring it in your own crockpot) between 5p and 6p, after which the judges will assume their delectable duty and decide whose chili reigns supreme! Weather permitting, there will be live music, but even if it snows, the Harder Concepts Chili Cookoff is always a blast. Be sure to keep a beer on hand – some of these entries will carry the heat!