Saintsbury Tavern’s First Rib Cookoff!

This Sunday, Saintsbury Tavern is holding its very first rib cookoff, a friendly competition designed to be both delicious and annual! Fire up your smoker, rub a rack of ribs, and heat those babies to succulent perfection, then bring ’em up to Saintsbury for our panel of highly knowledgeable and experienced judges – entry is $10, and the best ribs will take home a savory reward. All proceeds benefit Mohawk Militia, Chef Patrick Stark’s charitable organization that provides assistance, education, and employment to veterans by helping them get involved in clean eating and sustainable urban farming. Monday is Veteran’s Day, and contributing to Mohawk Militia is a great way to say thanks to our fellow Americans who have served in the armed forces – besides the entry fees from the rib cookoff, we’ll also be collecting donations for Mohawk Militia at the event, and you can also make a donation online at this link.

The Holidays are Right Around the Corner!

FYI, Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away, and Christmas is but a month after that – if you’ve been to a Target or a Walgreens or a Starbucks or pretty much any store, you’ve probably seen the transformation from pumpkins to Christmas décor. But we’re giving you this friendly lil’ reminder because each Harder Concepts location offers holiday parties headquarters. If you’d like to book holiday snacks or a get-together for your family, friends, office, book club, or whatever other groups you like to congregate with, hit up your favorite Harder Concepts location on Facebook!