Spazmatics at Scruffy Duffies Thursday!

Who likes to party with live versions of your favorite ’80s pop and rock hits? Pretty much everyone, as far as we’re concerned, which is why we’re bringing DFW’s dorkiest cover band to Scruffy Duffies this Thursday night (April 27)! If you loved the talent show scene from Revenge of the Nerds when you were a kid, you’ll have a blast watching the Spazmatics’ antics as they bust a move on your favorite new wave tunes. The music starts at 8p, so tape up your glasses and stuff that pocket protector full of your most valuable pens, because we’re gonna geek it up hardcore!

Drafts and Draft Parties!

Before the Spazmatics cut loose with that Cars song from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (you know the one where she’s coming out of the pool and Judge Reinhold is in the bathroom doing – never mind, you know what happens), Scruffy Duffies has a draft watching party specifically for Browns fans. That’s right, DFW Browns fans, you now have your own draft party. How about that, Believeland? Here at Harder Concepts, we’re happy to offer places for fans of non-Cowboys teams to gather together and toast their favorite squads; besides the Browns draft party at Scruffy Duffies, we’re also doing a Jets draft party at Addison Ice House, and a Texans draft party at Saintsbury Tavern. And speaking of that, Miller Lite will be in the house offering “on the clock” beer specials, so drop by at 3p and see who’s getting picked!