Spring Has Sprung

If you’re looking for crisp beers to enjoy outdoors in this incredible spring weather, don’t forget about our two house brews, Sir Elliot’s Pale Ale and Harder1 Lager. Both beers are available at all five locations, and they taste even better enjoyed on your local Harder Concepts patio. Cheers to spring!

March Madness Getting Crazy!

Every year, March Madness sneaks up on us, and then it’s like a whirlwind of activity, and before you know it, the Final Four has already happened and our brackets are broken open like a screen door on a bullpen. But whether your bracket is still alive or as done as Christian Laetner’s NBA career, you can catch all the (remaining) March Madness action at your favorite Harder Concepts watering hole. The Sweet 16 round starts on Thursday with Michigan vs. Oregon and West Virginia taking on Gonzaga; Purdue and Kansas play at 9:30p and the Xavier/Arizona game is on at 10p. Of local interest: Baylor’s game against South Carolina is Friday at 7p, though you’ll also want to catch the Butler/UNC game at 7p. The Elite 8 games are on Saturday and Sunday; we’re hoping for a Baylor/Florida game and a Gonzaga/Xavier game because that matchup is just fun to say. No matter who makes it to the next round, join us for beers, snacks, and college basketball this weekend!

Eternal Motion at Scruffy Duffies

Get your weekly live music injection at Scruffy Duffies this Thursday night with the energetic stage presence of Eternal Motion – you’ll be so pumped up from their live jams you’ll want them to play forever! While playing for eternity might not actually be feasible, Eternal Motion can certainly rock out for a long time, as they are masters of a huge array of dance and pop hits from the past 40 years. Get your dance pants on and come to Scruffy Duffies ready to boogie!