St. Patrick’s Day Week Continues!

Welp, St. Patrick's Day season (and it is definitely a season for us!) comes to a close this week, stop in at for green beer at the Mucky Duck Thursday, as well as a block party hosted by Saintsbury Tavern and Shakertins over in Austin Ranch & you might want to stop by that anyway, because it's their first big block party, and it's also going on Thursday through Saturday, with drink specials and a tasty take on a classic cocktail, a signature Irish Mule!

March Madness Returns! 

Everyone's favorite basketball tournament is back on Thursday, starting with the Duke and UNCW game at 11:15a. Who are you picking to win it all? Will it be a Cinderella story or another confident triumph from a perennial powerhouse? No matter what, we have the TVs to accommodate all those games, so if you're a basketball geek who's blowing off work and the rest of the world to watch as many games as possible, we'd love to have you over for beer and b-ball. In fact, Scruffy Duffies will be opening early on Friday at 11a (but they'll be closed until 8p Thursday for a private party). Over at Addison Ice House, we'll be doing a beer bracket like we did last year & basically, you help your favorite brew advance by buying drafts, or cans, or bottles. It's a fun way to try some new brews and help promote the ones you like best. Maybe some new, small batch peach ale or some such will come out of the woodwork to dethrone last year's champ!