Stanley Cup and NBA Finals!

You know the year is flying by when you look at the sports news on your phone and realize that it’s already time for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals unless you’re a die-hard hockey fan, in which case you already know all about it. But for those of us who mostly tune in for the Dallas Stars during the regular season and then casually pay attention to whoever makes it to the finals, the Blues and Bruins battle for control of the series in Game 2 on Wednesday night. The action starts at 7p and Boston leads the series 1-0.

As for the NBA finals, the Warriors seek to defend their title against the Raptors, who are making their first championship series appearance in franchise history. If you’re sick of the Warriors, are a secret (or not-so-secret) fan of Drake, or legitimately root for the Raptors, you’ll want to make your nearest Harder Concepts location your headquarters and watch as they attempt to halt the Warriors dynasty. Of course Warriors fans are welcome, also. We totally get why you love that team so much because frankly, they’re pretty awesome. Game 1 of the NBA Finals starts at 7p on Thursday. Come hang out with us and our banks of TVs!


If summer is your season, then June is your month, because even though the season doesn’t officially begin until the 21st, the start of the 6th month of the year is basically the beginning of hot weather party times, when school lets out and the days get longer, and the beer flows like wine or something like that. Regardless of our clumsy poetic ideas, June is when patio season hits its stride, and we would love to see your faces hiding behind sunglasses and a cold beverage, making the summer of 2019 your best one yet. Make some fuzzy memories with us at your favorite Harder Concept during happy hour or on into the night! Don’t forget to ask about each location’s daily specials!