Sunday Funday with Jamey Garner

Here at Harder Concepts, we love live music. Whether it's a rock band blasting our favorite hits or a singer-songwriter giving a quieter, more intimate, acoustic performance, we love hearing and watching people perform music on stage. One performer we love is a mega-talented guy named Jamey Garner. He's been steadily building a career that started with his band High South, a group that the press has called €œa new Eagles€ for their incredible four-part vocal harmonies. You can check out all of Jamey's musical info on his site (and please do, because the guy is really impressive), or you can just come watch him perform at Saintsbury Tavern on Sunday. Add some live music to your Memorial Day weekend! 

Speaking of Memorial Day€¦

Scruffy Duffie and Addison Ice House will be closed on Monday 5/30 in observation of the holiday, but Ringo's Pub will be open at 5p. You'll just have to stop by for music on their patio after your pool party! 

Free Tacos 

You like tacos, right? Come by Sainstbury Tavern or the Mucky Duck from 6-8p on Thursdays and enjoy complimentary tacos with your drink purchase. When there are free tacos, happy hour is even better!