Yeah, we know the Cowboys aren’t in the Super Bowl, and yes, we are just as tired of the Patriots as you probably are. But frankly, we are actually kinda amped to see the Rams try to take the Pats down—a resurgent Los Angeles Rams kind of feels like a good memory from the ’80s, which is almost always a fun vibe to have in your brain! And anyway, the Super Bowl is still the Super Bowl, complete with all its pomp, grandeur, excitement, excess, and multi-million-dollar commercials. In other words, it’s still a blast, and even a Super Bowl starring teams that aren’t necessarily your favorites is still a fun game. As an added bonus, both teams have a Plano Senior High School alum on their respective squads – Rex Burkhead is a New England running back, while Joseph Noteboom is the Ram’s rookie offensive lineman. Of course, all five Harder Concepts locations are hosting watch parties, so get your own squad together and drop by for the best pub grub and beer selections you could ask for while watching the biggest football game of the year! Don’t sleep in, because our tables fill up fast! See y’all Super Bowl Sunday!

Is It February Yet?!

Is it just us, or has January felt like it’s 84 days long? Maybe that’s why Gregor, when he invented the Gregorian calendar, made February a short month. Okay, that’s probably not why, but if you need an excuse to toast something, come by on Friday (February 1st) and raise some beers and shots to 2019’s continual forward motion. May we breeze through these frigid months into the warmer parts of the year, when spring springs forth, the temp warms up, and shorts become a more regular component of our daily outfits. We can’t wait for patio season. Hopefully, that ol’ groundhog decides to hang around instead of ducking back into his den.