Texas Ale Project’s Good To Go at Ringo’s Pub

Our pals at Texas Ale Project have a new brew that’s perfect for summertime chill sessions. Called Good To Go, this tasty pale ale has an subtle honey malt profile, an IBU rating of 32, and an ABV of 5.5%, so it’s got a nice, balanced flavor and an easy-going gravity that won’t fill you up – it’s pretty choice for sitting on the patio and hanging with your buds. And better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes to Honor Courage Commitment, a veteran’s organization that helps train veterans in entrepreneurship. In short, Good To Go is an easily drinkable way to help our troops get back into the civilian groove. Stop by Ringo’s Pub and grab a pint of Good To Go!

Kickball at Thousand Oaks

If you hang out at Saintsbury Tavern, you’re probably familiar with Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch; LoneStar Sports and Social Club has a kickball league that plays nearby in Carpenter Park, and we’re just spreading the word that the last day to sign up for the league is on Friday.

Go to LoneStar Sports and Social Club’s page to sign up – and be sure to drop by Saintsbury Tavern after your games for celebratory beers!

Comedy Night at Addison Ice House

Here’s another heads up: Addison Ice House has another comedy night this coming Monday! The jokes fly at 8p, so come by for happy hour and stay for some laughs!